Hand Painted Kitchens.  hand painted kitchens

From the Lake district to South Cheshire and Merseyside, we have hand-painted literally well over 500 wooden kitchens – oak, pine, maple, MDF – as well as laminate and pre-painted kitchens. Hand painted kitchens Hand painted kitchens Hand Painted Kitchens

The bespoke hand painted kitchens we have painted include Mark Wilkinson, Clive Christian, Mills & Scott, Charles Sotherby, Neville Johnson, Smallbone to name a few.

Is it worth hand-painting my kitchen? hand painted kitchens

We firmly believe that refurbishing an old kitchen with a hand painted finish represents the best value for money, a hand painted kitchen specialist can offer you. When we paint a kitchen we regularly save our clients an average of at least £10000 on the cost of replacing it with a new kitchen. hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens 

Hand painted Smallbone kitchenAs long as the layout of your current kitchen works for you, and the kitchen was well installed in the first place, our preparation and paintwork can breathe new life into tired and dated orange pine, dark oak, or even laminate kitchens, for a fraction of the cost of new.

What is involved with painting my kitchen cabinets?

Our team will start work at about 7 o’clock and leave around half three, the first job is to protect all worktops and flooring, thoroughly clean and sand all the surfaces to be painted. hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens

This means both sides of doors and drawers, end panels, cornice, plinths – the whole kitchen! Not just the bits that make a good first impression. hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens 

After thoroughly preparing all surfaces, we prime with high performance adhesion primer, and over the course of the following few days, apply at least two coats of specialist furniture paint, sanding between coats. This is the level of quality that is needed for a professional job. It is how I can ensure a durable and beautiful long lasting finish on your hand painted kitchen. hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens

I would also like to introduce some of my close independant hand painted Kitchen and Furniture specialists, who are founding members of HPKUK a group of highly skilled kitchen & furniture painters

Russ Pike, Kevin Mapstone  and Chris Graham

Options to further upgrade your kitchen

When refurbishing a kitchen, you can make changes beyond new paintwork. Look at new handles, change the work surface, lay new flooring or change the wall tiles, re-jig the lighting. These modifications can often be done with minimum disruption, and represent fantastic value for money over buying in a new kitchen with the same layout, just a different colour! hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens 


As an example a small kitchen would cost at least £5000 to replace. And that £5000 is conservative. Think low end  quality, Instead of throwing out the whole of your current kitchen, you could replace your worktops with Corian or beautiful granite, have the cabinets painted by me, and still be ahead financially. hand painted kitchens 


Thinking of a new kettle why not look at a instant boiling hot water tap.

How to go about refurbishing a kitchen hand painted kitchens

When it comes to a reliable and skilled craftsmen for kitchen refurbishment works. The only person I would ever recommend, unreservedly is Geoff Gornall.

Geoff is a cabinet-maker so has all the tools and equipment and know-how to actually build the most elaborate kitchen imaginable. So modifying your kitchen is not a problem at all. New handles, modified doors, possibly new cabinets, new worktops.

Because we work together, we can coordinate it so that the schedule for his kitchen work and my painting work run as expected. hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens 

Hand painted kitchen Rufford Lancashire



There is nothing better than a review from a previous customer. To see if the story here matches with the reality. Here is a selection of testimonials and you are welcome to follow them up, if you wish.) hand painted kitchens

Title:  High quality transformation

Jason and his team were highly professional in every aspect of the project. The work was carried out promptly and efficiently with outstanding professionalism ensuring the least possible disruption during a 9 day project. A kitchen renovation using JS Decor is like nothing I have ever experienced before in the contractor sector. By 3pm each and every day my Kitchen was fully functioning and usable until the following morning when work commenced again. I can and would recommend them without hesitation. Extremely good value for money. We feel we obtained a “new” kitchen for a fraction of the price and the weeks of inconvenience that the potential new units (that would have cost tens of thousands) would have entailed.

How much do you charge to hand paint a kitchen

I price all hand painted kitchens on a pro rata, but it works out around £100 per door. A small wooden kitchen that is lacquered oak or pine will usually cost about £1200 to prepare, prime and paint. The biggest kitchens tend to be around £7000. I would give you a fixed price of course which will be based on the requirements to repaint your kitchen. hand painted kitchens

What makes a good finish

A good finish is all in the preparation and using the best products along with years of perfecting our craft. Here are two examples of hand painted kitchens and a typical finish we achieve. Hand painted kitchens Hand painted kitchens Hand painted kitchens Hand painted kitchens Hand painted kitchens Hand painted kitchens

Hand Painted Kitchens

Hand Painted Kitchens





What we quote is what you pay and definitely no hidden extras

I know there are painters out there ready to charge you less. That is obvious. But what I would say, is that an inexperienced non-specialist painter cannot match painters like ourselves for attention to detail. It is the experience, care and attention to the small things where true value comes into play. hand painted kitchens hand painted kitchens