Bespoke Hand Painted Kitchen, Bramhall Cheshire

Bespoke hand painted kitchen: JS Decor recently completed this bespoke hand painted kitchen in Bramhall, Cheshire. This was a high quality bespoke kitchen made by an independent cabinet maker; Woodworkers Bespoke Joinery in Manchester.

I received a call from Mel (the client) saying that she was having a kitchen hand built and made by a local cabinet maker and that she would like it hand painting. The original sample door painted by her own decorator was not acceptable. She was looking for someone who could produce hand paint kitchen to the levels she required.

Bespoke hand painted kitchen BramhallBespoke hand painted kitchen Bramhall

We have a good back-catalogue of previous work and when I’m hand painting a kitchen. We can achieve an almost flawless finish! I emailed a few example photos over to Mel and I think once  she saw them, she realised that the finish we achieve is flawless. I also carry around a real life sample to confirm what the photos show.

This bespoke kitchen was still in the process of being built but I can offer a good idea of cost by counting up how many doors and draws will be included and any other features.

With the price accepted and dates confirmed everything booked in. All that we needed to do was sort out the colours. Luckily I was working round the corner, so I nipped in one afternoon and matched a scheme from a small piece of granite. F&B Pavilion Gray was chosen to compliment the worktops.

This was the first time I’d seen the kitchen and wow it was a beauty!  Neal McJannet of Woodworkers bespoke joinery had made an absolutely stunning job. It was now down to me, to make sure the hand painted finish enhanced it further.

The quality in a hand painted kitchen is often overlooked!

One quality often overlooked by kitchen companies and homeowners, is the kitchen painter’s attitude. Never mind their technical skill, do they understand that their work starts at the end of a long installation process? A few nerves have probably been jangled along the way, with all the decisions that had to be made, so the painter, the final finisher, needs to do their bit, to instil a sense of calm, and make sure the final stage goes smoothly, and crowns off a complete job well done. Not every decorator is aware of this, or even cut out to do it, but after years of working in this environment, it is instilled in us to go the extra mile.

Pre-primed – some preparation is still required

Thankfully, the kitchen had already been in the spray shop and received a coat of primer. I needed to fill some imperfections & a few nail holes, but only minimal really, before sanding down every square inch with fine abrasives, vac off then tack rag it all clean. The Abranet dust free sanding system is perfect for this!

Finishing – painting

As for the finish, it received 1 coat of oil based Otex followed by 2 coats of Furniture Feelings. This was supplied by my specialist paint supplier Holman Paints and mixed to their usual standards, brilliantly.

Bespoke hand painted kitchen Bramhall

When I had finished the painting, it matched the granite beautifully. It was supplied and fitted by Cheshire marble, and how they lift & fit that stuff OMG!

Once all my painting was completed, all I had to do was remove the 3M tape, fit all knobs & magnetic catches then silicone around the kick boards.

There was one gadget that caught my eye, the Quooker fusion as in the advert – Hot, Cold and 100% Boiling Water From A Single Tap.

Bespoke hand painted kitchen Bramhall

This kitchen looked absolutely stunning and I hope my clients have years of pleasure from it. I would like to thank Mel & Brian & Neal for making it such a pleasurable working experience, thank you.

Specialist kitchen painters, JS Decor are the first port of call for Hand painted Kitchens and Furniture in Cheshire. If you have a project in mind you would like to discuss contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail and offer you the benefit of our 20 plus years of experience

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