Botticino Marble Effect In Paint

Botticino Marble is mined in Lombardy Italy and is famed for its blonde tones so it is used throughout the world. Botticino Marble can be seen at the Opera House in Milan also the Chase National Bank in New York. Because of its colour it forms an excellent backdrop for modern colour  schemes of today.

Botticino marble Hand Painted

Botticino Marble Hand Painted.

1. The marble effect was created using magnolia 08B15 eggshell.

2. Then we need to mix equal quantities of clear glaze & white spirit to a thin mixture & then add a small amount of White under coat and paint the surface with the medium.

3. Take some raw sienna and raw umber artist oils and brush on to the surface ,with a rag dab the areas at random to produce a uneven finish, then stipple out with dry brush.

4. Now take a soft dry brush and tickle the the surface to produce a soft cloudy effect, with the rag take out some more colour in dabs and splash some white spirit on it.

5. Now take some of the raw umber on a old toothbrush and flick it on the surface and allow to dry.

6. Finish with a good satin gloss oil varnish.

This is how achieve a Botticino Marble effect in paint.

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