How To Create Lapis Luzuli With Paint.

Lapis Luzuli
Lapis Luzuli

Creating Lapis Luzuli: This is how to create a Lapis Luzuli effect with paint.

  1. First paint your chosen piece in a primer and allow to dry. Once it has dried give it 2 coats of white soft sheen emulsion and again allow to dry.
  2. Next we get some artist acrylics in the colours ultramarine blue and a raw umber which again can be bought from a good art shop. We mix these together with a few drops of water. Then you need to cover the whole surface, to do this dab the mixture on to the box fidgeting the brush as you go, to give a patchy finish.
  3. Next take some crumpled newspaper and dab randomly all over, to break up the colour leaving a dappled surface.
  4. Then you need to soften the effect.  This is done with a soft brush by gently feathering the finish to soften the sharp edges of the glaze.
  5. Then with a little gold powder which you can get from a good art shop spatter on to the surface, be careful not to use to much, less is more.
  6. Allow to dry then apply a spray clear satin varnish to protect it and give its Lapis Luzuli luste.
  7. This is how to create Lapis Luzuli with Paint.

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