Create That Shabby Chic Furniture Look

Creating shabby chic furniture: To create that shabby chic furniture look: first you need a piece of furniture, for this look I used a small wall mounted wooden cabinet.

Creating shabby chic furniture
Ready to be thrown out

That  worn faded and shabby chic furniture look of old painted wood that happens naturally over time has a mellow beauty that compliments our homes beautifully.

First you need to clean down your chosen peice of furniture to remove all traces of wax or general grime with  Krudkutter Original or pro clean and allow it to dry.
For this effect we will be using normal emulsion paint, but first, paint it in a good shellac primer so that you have a good solid base coat for the emulsion to stick to. If you wanted you could use a chalk paint to give you the shabby look but its not necessary and it can be quite expensive. Once the primer has dried apply 2 coats of your chosen coloured emulsion and allow to dry.

Now for the Shabby Chic look

Creating shabby chic furniture
Shabby chic look

Use some 180 grit sandpaper and rub back all the corners and around any handle areas where. Over time, fingers would have rubbed and worn away the finish.
When you think you have rubbed enough, as with all effects do not rub too much off. Less is often more sometimes. The chosen colour should be prominent. When sanding down some of the edges you could wrap the sandpaper around a small piece of wood.


You can wax it either with a clear wax or my favourite antique pine wax. This gives a good aged shabby  finish. Allow the wax to dry, then buff it up with a soft cloth to produce a sheen. The colours I used were taken from the wallpaper sample which also had a shabby chic look.

Thanks for taking the time to read this how to and I hope it gives you the confidence to try it yourself. Get in touch via my email

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