Furniture Painter Longridge Preston Lancashire

Looking for a furniture painter Longridge Preston Lancashire has just got a lot easier. With 25yrs experience working on some fabulous furniture and bespoke kitchens.

Many times we have been asked to update  pine furniture with a hand painted finish. From large wardrobes that have turned orange, to delicate coffee tables, mirrors and pictures. Dining tables as well as their chairs completely changing there appearance.

furniture painter longridge preston lancashire

Rather than throw out tired old oak furniture, pine, even laminate. We can prepare and finish them in a variety of finishes. We don’t think there is anything more satisfying for all concerned than to transform a throw-away wooden item into an eye-catching decorative feature.

Furniture painter

We also get asked to update furniture that is expensive like a Mark Wilkinson table which requires more than just paint. Knowing which furniture lacquers to use on the table top and one that will be durable enough. Sometimes a decorative wash is required for a different look completely.

furniture painter longridge preston lancashire
All the furniture we update we bring it back to our workshop where we can clean it, sand it, strip it  and re finish it with out any mess in your home.

Quality Paint

Unlike many furniture painters we use a hard wearing paint that’s durable enough for furniture. All our finishes are waterborne so they are kinder to the environment. They are also quick to dry as well as being easy to look after and most colours can be matched to. They also have a wider range of sheen level from mat to glossy so you can mix and match.

furniture painter longridge preston lancashire  furniture painter longridge preston lancashire

As for the decorative effects the options are endless from a simple wash to a wood grain look or a marble finish. Other finishes are available like verdigris or a ageing look, the possibilities are endless

furniture painter longridge preston lancashire  furniture painter longridge preston lancashire

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