Hand Painted Beech Kitchen Northwich Cheshire

This article is about a hand painted Beech kitchen Northwich Cheshire. I was contacted in the first place by Trevor who was looking to have his kitchen updated.

Hand painted Beech Kitchen Northwich Cheshire

Luckily for us he had heard of us through a cabinet fitter that lived near him. The kitchen being well made as well as being an in-frame one was perfect for painting. These kitchens always look great when they have been painted. Having been asked to call round and quote it all up, the job was booked in there and then. The colours were agreed and a date was put in the diary as well as letting them know how long it would take.

Hand painted Beech kitchen Northwich Cheshire

Working on the kitchen

The first job for us is to protect the floor before anything else then the worktops. Once this is complete we can begin to remove all the kitchen hardware, then start to clean all the surfaces. Cleaning off all the associated grease and contaminants that ultimately stop the paint from sticking. This is the most important bit of the job, once clean we allow it all to dry overnight.

Now the kitchen only requires a light sand using our dustless sanders to give just enough key for our high adhesion primers. The kitchen doors and drawers are removed, under lights and anything else that would be in the way.

At this stage we are nearly ready to start priming but before this everything is tacked off then wiped with meths. This is just belt and braces  to ensure its all squeaky clean. The paint is thinned to the correct viscosity and one of us concentrates on the frame and one on the doors. The primer has such good coverage its not often we need to second prime. Again this is allowed to dry overnight. Now the primer is dry its ready for the first of the two top coats. The primer is de-nibbed and tacked down again. Have a look at some other kitchens we have done.

The top coat is applied and again it is thinned to perfection so it flows out like glass. This is just something you gauge over the years of using it. With the first top coat dry its just a repeat from before and again allowing it to dry. See some of our other commissions.

All finished

Having coated everything its time to rebuild the kitchen taking care not to damage everything. putting the kitchen couldn’t be any easier as everything is number discretely so you would never see out markings. The glass is cleaned. tape removed floor protection taken up and all of a sudden the kitchen is transformed to a delighted client.

Hand painted Beech Kitchen Northwich Cheshire

Hand painted Beech kitchen Northwich CheshireHand painted Beech kitchen Northwich Cheshire

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you would like to improve your kitchen or any furniture JS Decor are the leading hand finishers in Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside. Why not give us a call 

So what did Trevor and Irene think;

What an excellent choice it was to have JS Decor to hand paint our kitchen.The team, consisting of Matthew, Matt and Jason were so professional. Everything was covered and tapped – up and the preparation was amazing. There are no brush marks and no drips. All our floors were covered and made safe.
Such a pleasant experience to have our old/outdated maple kitchen transformed into a new one!
We could not recommend J S Decor highly enough.

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