Painted Kitchen in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire: In this article I explain how we changed a Maple Kitchen in Alderley Edge, into a painted kitchen in Alderley Edge, Cheshire using high performance paints designed for Kitchens and Furniture and what a transformation it was.

as it was
This is before our work started

Julie had found our website whilst looking on the internet for someone to do something with her kitchen.  She looked through our site, liked what she saw and contacted us for a quote.

Small dresser
The dresser before we got our hands on it!!
Here we have the walnut dining suite which consisted of a table and six chairs.
Dining Suite in Walnut
Out with the old Walnut
Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire

After the pictures had been sent through I was able to provide a quote for the works. Having shown Julie our painted samples, we then discussed choosing colours.   The colours selected  were Elephants Breath and Charleston Grey and both matched the kitchen tiles beautifully. With the kitchen colours sorted, next it was time to look at the Dining Suite. Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire. Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire

The dining room was flooded with natural light and painted in warm golds and creams. Although Julie liked the dining suite she had fallen out with the look of it.  After looking at the colour chart,  Old White was the perfect choice to compliment the room.  We decided to paint the table legs and chairs but to keep the table top wood.

On with the transformation

As with all jobs we do we have a set routine.   This starts by removing all the handles, protecting all worktops and flooring, this ensures easy cleaning up for us at the end of the day plus a tidy room for the homeowner.  As for cleaning the units, we use Krud Kutter which is a fabulous degreaser and stain remover.  After the cleaning is complete, the kitchen and furniture is given a light sand using our Dustless system.

Now we have a beautiful finish for our high adhesion primer mixed into Elephant’s Breath(equivalent) and Charleston Grey (equivalent). With all the units now primed they were ready for two top coats of our waterborne furniture paints mixed into the chosen colours.  Julie was also keen to find some new handles to enhance her kitchen further and this is another way to update a kitchen. With the kitchen and furniture now finished, it was time for us to leave Alderley Edge.  We had enjoyed our time there and transforming another kitchen.

Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge
Now a beautiful hand painted kitchen .Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire
Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge
The beautiful new look to the dresser
The customer also asked if we could do anything with the top of their Kitchen table.  We were able to sand and re-lacquer the top leaving a brushless finish.
Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge
Re Lacquered table top

This is how the dining table turned out in the end.

Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge
The updated Dining Suite

As for the LLoyd Loom chair well!!

Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire
LLoyd Loom Finished in Old White equivalent Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire.

I would very much like to thank Julie & Mike for allowing us into their home and improving their Kitchen and Furniture. We look forward to working for them again and wish them both well. For more kitchens.

Hand Painted Kitchen Alderley Edge

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, you can also find us in the Lancashire Magazine, where I write monthly tips & hints. JS Decor the first port of call for Hand Painted Kitchens and Furniture in Cheshire and Lancashire.

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Transformed Kitchen

Mar 08, 2015 by Julie Carrington

Very pleased with the transformation of the kitchen and dining room.

The two Matt’s were in our house for nearly three weeks, they were easy to have around and did a terrific job.

We would definitely recommend.

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