Hand painted kitchen cabinets Bramhall Cheshire

Hand painted kitchen cabinets Bramhall Cheshire: These hand painted kitchen cabinets in Bramhall Cheshire, with an aged effect that Ernie & Marion Metcalf had purchased over 20 years ago. Again, like most of the kitchens we hand paint, far too good to replace.

Preliminary discussions

On seeing in the flesh, so to speak, from a technical point of view, it was straight forward enough to prepare, prime and paint. We discussed the colour to match with the existing wall tiles, and also discussed re-positioning the handles, a simple modification that can also have a big impact on changing the look of the current kitchen.

Talking through the various paint manufacturers, we decided to use Mythic. A premium acrylic latex paint which is completely safe, as in no toxins at all, no odour. Great for the homeowner, the painter and the environment.

With the colours chosen and a date booked in, I ordered the paint. For the primer, I chose to use Tikkurila Otex, which is a high adhesion primer.

Prepare the kitchen cabinets

Once it was all cleaned down with Krud Kutter, which I always use and recommend, the Otex primer was applied. It dried as flat as a mill pond, not only that, it was dry in an hour!

All it needed was a light de-nib then 2 coats of Mythic eggshell. When it was dry the finish was superb and as tough as old boots & there were no paint smells.

Finishing touch

Once the new handles were fitted, it was like a new kitchen and achieved with a lot less messing about than buying a new one.

I would like to thank Ernie & Marion for their kindness whilst working there, it was a pleasure to do.

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