Hand Painted Kitchen Cabinets In Poynton Cheshire

Hand painted kitchen cabinets Poynton Cheshire: In this article I explain how we Hand painted kitchen cabinets in Poynton, Cheshire using a Corona brush. As with all kitchens we paint we haven’t come across one yet that we can’t do anything with.

Hand painted kitchen cabinets Poynton Cheshire

I priced up the kitchen from the photos that Graham sent of it, this saves me a lot of running about, also saves the client waiting around.  They were keeping the tiles and the worktops (not the handles) so it was important to get the correct colour. The tiles had a few colours to work with but the one that stood out were taupe, Dimity from F&B was the perfect choice, light, and bright.

On to the job

This was a fairly large kitchen and easy for two of us to work on, as we would be there about nine days. After a good clean it’s then neutralized with clean water leaving it grease free. Ready for a light sand using a dustless sanding system. All kitchens are primed with a shellac based primer which is also tinted to the colour of the chosen paint. Not only that its quick drying qualities help us as kitchen painters when priming. Once all dry we give it a thorough sand with Gold-flex and create a superlative finish. Now all the kitchen needs is its topcoats. Which is a hard wearing waterborne enamel mixed into the equivalent of F&B Dimity two coats in total ever so slightly thinned to aid flow.

Hand painted kitchen cabinets Poynton Cheshire
Hand painted kitchen cabinets
Hand painted kitchen cabinets Poynton Cheshire
Hand painted kitchen cabinets

The corona brushes we use are the very best IMO after years of trailing different manufacturers brushes (available from Cane Adams or Brewers online). The finish they help us achieve is fabulous. With the kitchen finished and the new handles re-positioned by our cabinet fitter Mick Yates’s. Hand painted kitchen cabinets Poynton Cheshire.

Graham very kindly recommended us on to a friend of his, so we are very much looking forward to painting their kitchen too. a big thank you goes out to Graham & Brenda for allowing us to paint their kitchen.

A New Kitchen!

Apr 07, 2015 by Graham & Brenda Bruce 

So pleased with the new kitchen! I was a little apprehensive as it’s difficult to imagine how it will look – will the colour be right etc. But with Jason’s advice and with the two Matt’s hard work over two weeks, and are absolutely thrilled with the result. We would not hesitate to recommend Jason and his hard working team.

Thank you so much!

Questions to ask a kitchen painter

When employing a kitchen specialist you would want to know if it’s all they do full time.
How many kitchens have they completed?
Have they a large catalogue of work you can look at online?
Have they good reviews from previous clients?
Do they use specialist paints?

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. JS Decor are the first port of call for hand-painted kitchens or furniture. Covering Lancashire and Cheshire.

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