Hand Painted Kitchen In Edgeworth Using Fired Earth Colours

Hand painted kitchen Edgeworth using Fired Earth: Here I talk through a hand painted kitchen in Edgeworth using Fired Earth colours matched specialist furniture paints by our Independent supplier.

Jessica & Gary contacted me back in November 2013 about looking at their kitchen. The kitchen was only 2 years old and was looking quite dishevelled.

Hand painted kitchen Edgeworth using Fired Earth

The doors had cracks! Some of the paint had chipped and began peeling. Not a great advert for newly painted kitchen, so we arranged a visit.

Normally so prompt!

If there is one thing that we’re conscious of it would be how annoyed clients get when the company rep doesn’t show up as promised. Poor time-keeping is like a disease in the whole UK construction trade, homeowners hate it, and we don’t subscribe to that way of doing business.

Having said all that, I hang my head in shame. First appointment, I completely forgot, honestly. Shameful, I hear the cries.

I was determined not to let them down a second time, and when we rearranged the visit, I remembered to go, but then the GPS was taking me all over, so I turned up late. Oh boy. Not the best start but at least it proved were human.

Assessing the kitchen

The kitchen needed a lot of prep work to bring it back to life.

Hand painted kitchen Edgeworth using Fired Earth

Showing samples and previous examples of kitchens I have painted, definitely helps clients decide whether you are right for the job or not.

They sent the colours through – Fired Earth Chalke White for the island and Weald green for the rest, plus shelf supports. Brilliant. I had not seen their colour pallet before, what a fab range they have.

Down to work

We had to start the usual way, by removing all the cabinet hardware, then cleaning with our usual cleaner/degreaser. As always we rinsed down after we’d cleaned the units.

The combination of Otex and Furniture Feelings finish off the kitchen beautifully.

Hand painted kitchen Edgeworth using Fired Earth

With the units completed, all we had to do was seal the base of the kick boards with clear silicone to create a water-tight seal to prevent any water seeping underneath and damaging the wood and paintwork.

Hand painted kitchen Edgeworth using Fired Earth

Now for the closeup

Hand painted kitchen Edgeworth using Fired Earth
This is how it should look

Now the kitchen looks like it’s just out of the box. It shines like new, well, it has a lovely satin finish! They also have a kitchen that Monty their cat loves. Because as soon as the cat sees the sink cupboard door open, he dives in and disappears inside the island.

I would like to thank Gary & Jessica for their hospitality and coffee & thanks to Monty (their lovely cat) for not scratching our doors.

If you would like to get intouch you can email at

Hand painted kitchen Edgeworth using Fired Earth

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