Hand Painted Kitchen In Hale Cheshire

 This hand painted kitchen in Hale Cheshire wins the title of “Best kitchen Rescue 2013″. JS Decor kitchen painters for Cheshire,We  had a challenge and a half to make a silk purse from a pig’s ear of a previous paint job.

No problem too hard to solve?

The kitchen looks like this now but it wasn’t always so.

Hand painted Kitchen in Hale Cheshire

This kitchen had been hand painted a few times already over the years. I was told that the coating was scratching off with their fingernails. Sounded bad, but not one to give up on a job, I went and looked.

The kitchen was a nice looking one, but as for the paint, it was dreadful, and who ever had done it, quite clearly didn’t do any prep work at all. I knew that to get this kitchen up to my standard, it would require a complete strip down to a sound base for painting. This would be a challenge, because I’ve never come across a kitchen this bad before.  Hand painted kitchen Hale In Cheshire Hand painted kitchen in Hale Cheshire.  Hand painted kitchen in Hale Cheshire

A price was agreed and a date booked for starting.

Turn away if you are allergic to appalling paintwork

Hand painted Kitchen in Hale Cheshire

We arrived to start on the agreed date, and we set up the usual way, dealing with wall cupboards first. We needed a powerful stripping agent in the form of Tough Task remover Krud Kutter  It is a stronger cleaner than the original so more than effective, and it worked a treat with my Mirka Mirlon pads.

Sanding, priming, painting.  Hand painted kitchen in Hale Cheshire.  Hand painted kitchen in Hale Cheshire

We cleaned and rinsed, and rinsed and cleaned and… sanded, using the Mirka dustless system. After 2 full days of cleaning we were ready for paint.  Hand painted kitchen in Hale Cheshire. 

The specification was for Otex primer, then 2 coats of Furniture Feelings in New White. The paint was mixed perfectly by my supplier Valtti, as usual. I must admit, seeing the primer going on was nice, and because of its ability to stick, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.  Hand painted kitchen in Hale Cheshire

Can you rescue this hearth too?

There was a fireplace in the room that stood out, but not in a good way. The surround didn’t really sit well with the fire.  Hand painted kitchen in Hale Cheshire. 

I suggested changing the frame colour to improve the look. I would match the frame to the tiles and pick ornament relief in a gold cream wax. 

Whilst we were at it, the mirror got the similar makeover, but instead of painting it black, I matched it in the same colour as the units, then waxed gold.


Hand painted Kitchen in Hale CheshireHand painted Kitchen in Hale Cheshire

While you are here, can you decorate as well please?

At short notice, long story short, we redecorated the room with New White and String in Manor Coatings Vinyl Matt emulsion. I’m impressed with the Manor Coatings: coverage is brilliant and low odour, and again this was mixed by Holmans and delivered the next day.

Back to the kitchen, painted and ready to hand back

This kitchen repaint took a lot of hard work, simply because of the state the kitchen was in before we started, but it’s had the correct treatment and it’s up to standard now.

Hand painted Kitchen in Hale Cheshire

Matt and myself enjoyed our time in Hale and would like to thank Theresa & Peter for allowing us into their home and thanks to Bell their little dog for keeping out of the way (not);-).

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