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 This article is about a hand painted kitchen Manchester. I have since got to know the customers well. Barry is on a 3 year campaign to raise money for cancer research, which is close to my heart these days…


Moving home? A new kitchen makes no sense

Helen had wanted to change the kitchen for quite some time, but as the house was on the market, they didn’t think it was worth the expense going for new.


They had considered a full kitchen refurbishment, but that was also more than they wanted to spend. so, as they liked the look of hand-painted kitchens, they explored this avenue. Helen contacted me via my website.

Working towards a start

Following the submission of the estimate, I arranged to go round to talk colours and book a firm date. They had decided to go beyond painting and were having new granite tops, new tiles, and they were moving the glazed cabinet higher up the wall.

Helen is a bit of a whiz with colours, so this was left in her capable hands.

Everything was on schedule and all that was needed was to confirm the colours. Arriving on the agreed date, to see that the granite had been changed to white and the cabinet had been lifted. It all looked better already.

Down to work

We were eager to start, and the first task was a lot of cleaning, using Krud Kutter Original.

Cleaning the units wasn’t too bad, we use the Mirka Mirlon pads, which help the removal of grease whilst etching the surface. It’s important to rinse with clean water after cleaning.

This was a big kitchen with plenty to go at. Practice makes perfect!

Updating cut-out kitchen doors

Four of the cupboard doors had square cut-outs in them, and the style dated the kitchen, so we discussed filling them. At first glance you would think it was a joiner’s job, because there was nothing for a normal filler to stick to, but we have a few tricks. Hand painted kitchen Manchester. Hand painted kitchen Manchester

hand painted kitchen Manchester

To fill a hole like this

  1. Use fibreglass patches, the ones you get from car body stores. You buy a pack which includes the fibreglass plus hardener. Hand painted kitchen Manchester. Hand painted kitchen Manchester
  2. Stick the patch coated with the liquid hardener on the back of the hole (in this case, the back of the door) and allow to harden fully. Hand painted kitchen Manchester. Hand painted kitchen Manchester
  3. When cured, mix up some car body filler and fill the front, slightly proud of the face, and again allow to harden fully. Hand painted kitchen Manchester.  Hand painted kitchen Manchester
  4. When all the filler has set, sand it smooth but to flatten this off this by hand would take forever, so we use the Mirka Ceros and it has its roots in the car body industry. We used the CEROS, sanding out the front and back, dropping down the grits as you go.Fine surface filling

hand painted kitchen Manchester

With all 4 doors treated the same way, I decided to prime up the doors with Otex oil based primer undercoat. This highlighted the areas in need of some more fine filling.

Priming the prepared surfaces

With four perfectly filled holes, and an invisible mend, we primed these doors twice, along with the rest of the kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

We had the primer tinted to match the topcoats, a speciality of Holmans, and it was starting to look completely different already. A hint of things to come! Hand painted kitchen Manchester

Woodwork touches

hand painted kitchen Manchester

Helen and Barry had really put some thought into this job.

For example, Barry had sourced some walnut, so that the spice drawers & four of the kitchen drawers near the sink could be changed over to this beautiful wood.

We removed the glass, and Barry took the bars out for us, leaving us some more holes to fill and feather in!

Hand painted kitchen Manchester

So now with the kitchen all primed, it “just” needed top coats. Furniture Feelings and Helmi Matt is a paint we all like and trust in.

After a light rub down and vac off then wipe down with a tack cloth we finished the main units were mixed into the equivalent of Manhattan 15 and the island & glazed cabinet in Strong White equivalent.

hand painted kitchen Manchester

As with all sundries we use, they are available from Mypaintbrush who specialise in products not easily available in decorating shops.

Finishing touches

3 coats of Kiva satin really brought this kitchen alive leaving a beautiful finish.

It looked every bit as good as a brochure Helen had shown me of a very expensive kitchen that suited their house to a tee.

hand painted kitchen Manchester

I had to wait a while for these after shots.

Now with all this work done you now have More than a hand painted kitchen in Worsley. Working for Helen & Barry was a great pleasure too.

A project of Barry’s with a difference

Barry is working hard for the next three years, climbing 29 of the world’s highest mountains! The huge undertaking is part of his campaign, raising money for Cancer. Something close to home, since being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) March 2014. .

Good luck Barry in your quest. wish you both well – Jason, Matthew & Callum.

Thank you for reading this post. Hand Painted Kitchens. The first port of call in Manchester and Cheshire for hand painted kitchens in the North West.

Fantastic transformation

Jun 09, 2014 by Helen

I liked Jason from the moment he came to look over the job. No nonsense, totally reliable and professional. The kitchen is now a nice place to spend time in. We also upgraded worktops and appliances. Before we had quotes of around £60k. I have got the look I wanted at a fraction of the cost of a hand painted new kitchen. (think Martin Moore, Tom Howley style). He is also a lovely guy who we enjoyed having in our house.
Normally I can’t wait to be rid of tradesmen! They are often not befitting of the name, but it was a totally enjoyable project. I cannot recommend highly enough.

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