Hand Painted Kitchen Matches Miele Units Wilmslow

In this article I go through how we transformed this pine kitchen into a hand painted kitchen matches Miele units Wilmslow Cheshire. This enquiry came through David’s neighbour whose kitchen we had painted a few weeks earlier the Limed Oak one in Wilmslow. They’d seen what a hand painted kitchen should look like and were suitably impressed, so I was invited to quote up their kitchen and give them any ideas I had. David had a couple of new units fitted by Miele which was a shade of white and very modern a year before.

These looked superb and as the kitchen was a rustic pine it was crying out to be hand painted. With my quote accepted we looked to match the shade of white, Miele kindly gave us the RAL colour code which I was able to have mixed up in an Equivalent colour by Holman paints. As for the kitchen I suggested it may look nicer if we painted the top units a different colour, so a lovely green was picked to compliment the white…

hand painted kitchen matches Miele units WilmslowHand painted kitchen matches Miele units Wilmslow

Hand painted kitchen matches Miele units Wilmslow

The first day involves removing the handles and cleaning all the surfaces to be painted. This is the important part to make sure all the grease is removed before any sanding takes place. All the worktops are protected so to look after their kitchen and make it easier for us to keep it tidy. Once the cleaning is all finished it’s given a final wipe with meths just to be sure all the grease has gone, before a good sand down using dustless sanders.

We are now at this stage ready for the primer which in this case was Isofix. This has the ability to stick and stop any tannins ruining the final finish. Troublesome knots are coated twice for a further assurance. After the primer has been applied its given time to cure then sanded again. This is to achieve the superlative finish we need for any hand painted kitchen we do. For the tops coats we used Furniture Feelings. This time for a lovely satin finish and again produces a beautiful finish.

After seven days of cleaning, sanding, filling, priming, painting it was all finished to delighted customer. As we neared the end of their kitchen we were asked if we would be able to undertake the decorating, normally we don’t tend to bother with this work as we have enough with kitchens & furniture. But even I knew the transformation would enhance what we had done to their kitchen.

Watch our video below.

This turned out to be a fabulous revamp. Not only did we get to see the kitchen change but entire room and it looked stunning. Now their Miele unit fitted in perfectly…

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 Hand painted kitchen matches Miele units Wilmslow

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