Hand Painted Kitchen St Helens

Hand Painted Kitchen St Helens: This hand painted kitchen in St Helens that we did and it started life as knotty pine.

Hand painted kitchen St HelensHand painted kitchen St Helens

The kitchen was a knotty pine which looked very nice already but a little dated. The owner had been looking at kitchens for a while, searching for something lighter in colour with a modern look.

I priced to thoroughly prepare, prime and hand paint it, and followed up with a visit.

The customer also wanted polished chrome handles, this would definitely add to the transformation.


We started by cleaning the units with a citrus-based cleaner, whilst rubbing it with Mirka Mirlon abrasive pads. Once every surface has been cleaned, it then gets neutralised with clean water & given time to dry. From there, we give a lighter sand over, dust off, and follow up with a thorough wipe down with a tack cloth, to remove all traces of dust.

After priming.

We apply a minimum of 2 coats of Helmi furniture paint, applied with a good quality synthetic brush, to a brushless finish.

Hand painted kitchen St Helens

hand painted kitchen St HelensHand painted kitchen St Helens

I’d like to thank Rebecca & Scott for allowing us to transform their kitchen.

If you are in the North West and have any questions about hand painting your kitchen. Please contact us via our email

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