Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool

This Oak kitchen is now a hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool. We were contacted by Mike & Marilyn in the first place. They had looked at our website and thought this might be something to improve the look of their kitchen.

I was invited round to have a look at their kitchen, it was in very good condition. The only thing was the room was a little dark, so it needed the lights on most of the time. With kitchens costing  so much these days sometimes they are not worth replacing. Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool. Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool.

Hand painted Oak kitchen BlackpoolHand painted Oak kitchen Blackpoo

Mike & Marilyn looked through the kitchens we have done like theirs whilst I priced it up. Having seen a good few, I showed them the painted samples and explained how tough the paint is. We were booked in there & then, the colour New White was decided (F&B) and a date booked in the diary. Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool

Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool

As all the kitchens we do we follow a tried and tested method. First day on site we remove all the doors,Drawers, kick boards. These are all taken back to the workshop, whilst the worktops and floor are fully protected with lining. This ensures a clean working environment and one that’s easy to keep clean while we work. The following day we clean everything in the workshop and prepare it for painting. Whilst one of us works in the workshop two of return back to the kitchen and start to clean the frame. Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool. Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool

Once everything is clean and dry and prepared properly we can star priming using a high adhesion primer that’s designed for painting furniture. This is applied to all kitchens we paint as it’s a perfect base coat for the waterborne top coats. Depending on the colour we might have to apply 2/3 top coats to get perfect coverage. With the kitchen now fully painted, it can all be reassembled. This is when the customer for the first time sees the change and one that we never tire of. Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool. Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool.

Hand painted Oak kitchen Blackpool

If you would like us to transform your kitchen or any piece of furniture we are the first port of call the North West.

You can contact us via this link.

We are also a member of HPKUK a group of invited specialist kitchen painters throughout the UK & Europe.



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