Hand Painted Oak kitchen In St Helens

Hand painted Oak kitchen: As a Kitchen and Furniture painting specialist JS Decor cover Lancashire and Cheshire. I’ve written here how we go about transforming a plain Oak Kitchen into something lighter and more modern.

Hand painted Oak kitchen St Helens

This Oak Kitchen had been extended at some point into the back part of the garage to create utility so there were a lot of doors to hand paint, 37 in all plus the drawers.

Is hand painting an oak kitchen a good idea?

It was a beautiful oak kitchen, but the problem was, the kitchen looked a little dark, what with the ceiling being panelled as well. It was just too much wood. Talking through the options, Sylvia was a little nervous as it was a big decision for her, so I sent the quote through and left it with left her. A few days later she told me she was still unsure, so I offered to pick  her to see the kitchen we were working on in Parbold.

When Sylvia saw what we had done, those thoughts of doubt  faded, so the job was booked in, and she had new worktops and floor fitted by my fitter Geoff Gornall, also a new boiler by my plumber Geoff Richmond. All that remedial work would have to be done before I got there.

Kitchen painting underway

When I started, there was a lot to do before paint was applied, so I talked through colours with Sylvia. The colour we chose was a lighter shade of the tiles. The first 2 days were spent laying Packexe floor protection, cleaning down and prepping all surfaces for the paint. Krud Kutter Original and plenty of sanding, left the woodwork ready for priming. We also repositioned the handles for a more modern look.

As for the paint, we used Tikkurila Otex primer tinted to the colour of the topcoats. This was combined with a spray can of Isofix to combat any tanning which are the natural oils in Oak. Once the primer has dried we lightly sand then dust and tack cloth down before applying 2 coats of waterborne top coats. These paints are more durable than most and are perfect for painted kitchens or furniture. due to their hardness when cured.

When we started to apply the primer, Sylvia was at work. When she returned we had coated up quite a lot of units. Her smile confirmed to me that she was happy with the colour and the transformation was underway. Even after priming alone, it was beginning to look like a completely new kitchen.

With the top coats done and dusted, and the handles fitted, it was unrecognisable.

hand painted Oak kitchen ST Helens hand painted oak kitchen St Helens

I would like to thank Sylvia for making us welcome, and also Buster the dog – good boy!!

Less natural wood is more

As mentioned in the introduction, when Jason started, the whole kitchen and utility struck you as “This is definitely a wooden kitchen – units, ceiling doors, frames, everything except the walls was natural timber…” The plan had been to paint the ceiling panelling, to lighten it all up. After the paintwork to the units was completed, the ceiling was no longer a focal point. The paint really set off the natural wood worktops and flooring too.

Recommended Materials

As a specialist I will only work with the best and most reliable materials and the combination of cleaners, abrasives, primers, paints and brushes worked exactly as expected with a top quality result. The decorating materials I use may not be mainstream in the UK. Between myself and my suppliers I have extensively tried, tested and I trust them.

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