Hand Painted Smallbone Kitchen Yorkshire

Contacted in the first instance by the homeowner, they had a hand painted Smallbone kitchen Yorkshire that was 8 years old and looking a little tired in places. They had done there research in looking for a suitible kitchen painter. Finding the wrong painter on furniture like this is a no no.

Hand painted Smallbone kitchen Yorkshire

Although the job was not that far away from us in Thurlstone,West Yorkshire. It was still 70 miles and a little to far to travel every day. They just wanted a colour change and refresh it as it was showing signs of wear. The paint finish was ok but not outstanding as it should be, but nothing we could not improve on. We discussed the paint my colleagues would use, the finish and durability also that they would move out to their house in France whilst the works were underway.

Hand painted Smallbone kitchen Yorkshire

Hand painted Smallbone kitchen

With all jobs it starts with the preparation. Removing all the hardware, protecting the marble floors, granite worktops and anything else.

Hand painted Smallbone kitchen Yorkshire

Hand painted Smallbone kitchen Yorkshire
JS Decor busy preparing

This stage is the most important as failure here spells paint failure later down the line. After a couple of days the kitchen is clean and ready to be sanded. Using the latest sanders with dust extraction. As soon this job is done its tacked off then given a wipe with solvant to ensure a perfectly clean suface. The primer is thinned and applied using the finest brushes and roller sleeves to produce a flawless appearance. Two coats are applied and with two colleagues painting we can work round a kitchen so much quicker. hand painted Smallbone kitchen Yorkshire

Hand painted Smallbone kitchen Yorkshire

With kitchen all done after 9 long days of work. It now looked absolutley beautiful and one that would not of looked out of place in House Beautiful. The colour we used was Skimming Stone for the main of it & Dove Tail.. For more kitchens look here.

Hand painted Smallbone kitchen YorkshireHand painted Smallbone kitchen Yorkshire

I would like to thank Neil & Diane for allowing us the privilidge to Hand paint their Smallbone kitchen.

Thanks for reading this article & if you would like your kitchen or any furniture painting. JS Decor are the first port of call in Lancashire, Cheshire or Yorkshire.

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