Hand Painted Wardrobes Rawtenstall Lancashire

Hand painted wardrobes Rawtenstall lancashire: In this article I go through how we updated some veneered wardrobes into some beautiful hand painted wardrobes. In my early years I’d worked quite a lot in the Rossendale valley mainly doing special effects for a interior designer.

hand painted wardrobes

They had moved house and were looking to update their bedroom furniture, put there own stamp on the place. The one good thing is with paint is that it covers well and in the right hands it’s virtually brushless.

On to the job

As with painting any furniture it always pays to do your preparation right. In this case a good clean down with Pro clean, before neutralising with clean water. Once this is done its then lightly sanded using a dustless method to help keep down the dust. After sanding it’s then vacuumed and tacked down to remove any traces of dust.

We now possess a few different drying racks this helps with larger doors as you just can not do a great job leaving them on. Now we can start to prime which takes no time at all and by the first day is had all been cleaned & primed.

The second day is straight forward. Just a light sand all over then remove the dust via tack cloth again. We were now ready for the top coat which was Furniture feelings. This leaves a lovely silky satin finish. The third day was just a simple second coat of feelings. The following day I returned just to put all the doors & drawers back in place, stick the new buffers on the backs… Job done..

hand painted wardrobes Rawtenstall
Hand painted wardrobes Rawtenstall

I would like to thank Jane for keeping my business card all these years. I would also like to wish her well in her retirement…

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