Handmade Kitchens Direct

We were contacted in the first instance by Vicky and Derry as they had bought a handmade kitchens direct. Their kitchen had been fitted superbly by their joiner with lovely wooden worktops. Having looked at our website they contacted us for a quote to paint it.

Hand made kitchens Direct

Hand made kitchens direct

Vicky had been inspired by the beautiful kitchens seen in the glossy magazines, all these are expensive. But she came across handmade kitchens direct.  This kitchen company are fabulous as they supply their kitchens so you can paint them once fitted. A good size island and just enough cupboard space for a room that size. handmade kitchens direct

Once I’d seen the kitchen I knew it was straight forward to undertake. For once no real de-greasing like we are used to doing. This in frame kitchen doors were hung by cabinet hinges so they are easy enough to remove. I priced it up having shown Vicky the sample board that I had brought with me and we were booked in there and then. The date was booked and the colours were chosen. Vicky liked the Tom Howley kitchen that you see in the mags, the one with the Blue island and pale grey outer units. Having worked for Tom Howley, I was familiar with that colour scheme. We used the F&B colour chart as they had what she wanted, Hague Blue for the island and Cornforth White for the rest.

Handmade Kitchens Direct

The first job when we arrive is to protect the floor as well as the worktop, this also gives us a cleaner working environment. After this its given a light clean down and a light sand down using our dustless sanders. Once everything has had the remaining dust tacked off its all given a final wipe over. All the doors and drawers are removed and placed on our racks.  One of us paints the frame then the other does the doors. All the hinges were all marked so we know exactly how it all goes back as well as stamping the doors discreetly. Now the primer is on and finished its allowed to dry overnight. We now have to prepare it all again for the first of the two coats.

With the last top coat dry we can start to assemble the kitchen. A once unpainted wooden kitchen now looks like the showroom stunner. The colours are fabulous and more to the point the clients are amazed how good it looks.

Handmade kitchens DirectHandmade kitchens DirectHandmade kitchens DirectHandmade kitchens Direct

handmade kitchens direct. handmade kitchens direct. handmade kitchens direct. handmade kitchens direct

I would like to thank Vicky & Derry whilst we went about our work as well as their hospitality.

They now have a hand painted kitchen that looks like the ones in the glossy magazines.


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We are also a member of HPKUK a group of specialist kitchen painters throughout the Uk & Europe

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