How To Achieve A Verdigris Look | Achieving Verdigris Look

Achieving Verdigris look: In this article I explain how to achieve a verdigris look by using paint and various washes. This decorative look can give anything an ageing air.

Verdigris is the natural result of the condensation on copper, bronze and brass, which in the past was used for green pigments. The green- blue deposit, although toxic, has a wonderfully pure look about it & coupled with the ageing air it achieves,it is a good effect to try & imitate. It is also a super technique to experiment with on variety of surfaces. This is a good effect to apply on a small or a large feature such as the vase here. With all decorative effects it really is just a matter of confidence, practice and patience…

On to the process

Spray or paint the object with a base colour of copper, gold or bronze then stipple a dark green glaze on to the surface, using a rag dab and stipple the paint and lift it off in places then leaving it on other parts. Leave to dry.

Using a brush add the second colour, then like before lift it off in places using the rag. Leave to dry. Using a brush get some thinned white emulsion and brush the surface again, wiping it off immediately to give it a dusty look. Leave to dry. Now with a kitchen scourer gently rub to reveal the base colour. You can use acrylics or emulsion to create this effect so it dries very quickly.

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Achieving Verdigris look
Vase painted gold
Achieving Verdigris look
Dark green wash

Achieving verdigris look

Achieving Verdigris look

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