Installing Phillip Jeffries Geology

Installing Phillip Jeffries: This article is about JS Decor specialist decorators for Lancashire, Cheshire and NW,  I explain how to install Phillip Jeffries Geology. This is a specialist wallcovering and 3 supposed “experts” had already been asked by the client to apply it to 2 alcoves. 3 refused.

Phillip Jeffries Geology

I received a call from a couple who’d bought the Geology wallcovering made by a company called Phillip Jeffries. It cost them a great deal of money, only trouble was, they couldn’t find a trusted Geology installer in Lancashire.

It is very new to the UK, so I did a little homework before going out to see the job.

The product is made from fibreglass with a thin veneer of real slate bonded together in a flexible panel. It comes in 2 sizes 30 x 60 and 60 x 120 cms – they had the smaller of the panels.

Cutting Geology It can be cut with a pair of heavy duty * Axus scissors shears or diamond circular saw. For around sockets, a jigsaw is used. The only instructions I had, came with the product, and a video on the ‘net.

Planning how to install Geology

Phillip Jeffries Geology

Having never seen it before, let alone ever hung it, this was a challenge I couldn’t refuse.

Looking at the job, handling the interesting “slate” veneer tiles, thinking back over some of the more solid wallcoverings I have handled before, I could see how to do it, and the task was not at all daunting.

In fact, after reading some of the expert advice online from US installers, where everything seemed so much trouble, I was quite looking forward to showing these good people how it should be done!

I prepared and painted the 2 alcove walls black, to help hide the seams, then allowed it to dry. I was ready to apply the product. Double-checking the configuration with the customer, all was agreed, and I set to work.

I pre-planned where the panels would fall in line with the sockets, to make life easier. Unlike a normal way of sticking rigid coverings to a wall, you can’t use paste, it has to be grip fix adhesive.

Once the first piece was on, it really was just a case of slowly working my way down the wall, making templates as I went along for cutting. I had all the cutting equipment already in my kit, so trimming was time-consuming but very precise and controlled.

Phillip Jeffries Geology

Once I’d finished the wall I gave the surface a good wash, to remove all dust and grit, then allowed to dry. When I’d completed the second alcove, it looked stunning.

Phillip Jeffries Geology

I would also like to thank Imran and Mafeesa for their warm welcome and hospitality, and for entrusting me with the Phillip Jeffries Geology.

Where do you buy Phillip Jeffries ?

We do not supply this product and have no affiliation with Phillip Jeffries. You can purchase their product through their suppliers found online.

Specialist painter and decorator, Jason Walker, is a member of the HPKUK network. He is the first port of call for hand painted kitchens from South Lakes, Preston to South Cheshire.

Jason has been hand-painting kitchens since 1993 years, trading as JS Decor; and also writes regular tips for the Lancashire Magazine.

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