Kitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshire

Looking for a kitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshire has just got a lot easier. We were contacted by Maura via our website blog kitchen cabinet painters Cheshire.

Maura  wanted to change the look of her kitchen from a Beautiful Oak kitchen to something more modern . Maura kindly sent photos of her kitchen so I was able to price it up accurately from them . I was invited round to talk further about the refurbishment. We talked about the possible colours for the kitchen units that would look good. Once Maura had seen our painted sample board we were booked to do the work.

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kitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshire

The kitchen had been factory sprayed originally with a  sprayed lacquered. This does not cause a problem as the primers we use are manufactured to stick to any surface providing the prep has been done thoroughly. We arrived on site to start and the colours were confirmed to us, Lamp room Grey & Card room Green. This colour combination was going to look fab. The first thing we do is remove all the doors & drawers, kick boards and note where everything goes. This is a must for when we put it all back together. The floors are all covered as well as worktops to ensure a clean environment. kitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshire Cheshire

Now we can get on with the cleaning and all the prep needed to ensure our paint system sticks solid. As the frame is being done we are also doing the rest of the kitchen in the workshop. Over the next 10 days we clean, prep, and paint with the grip adhesive primers and hard wearing waterborne enamel paints. Only on the last day does it all come together with us refitting everything we removed in the first place. Then we stand back and admire the new & unrecognizable kitchen. kitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshirekitchen cabinet painter Altrincham Cheshire

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