kitchen cabinet painter Audlem Crewe Cheshire

Finding the right kitchen cabinet painter Audlem Crewe Cheshire to paint your kitchen can prove to be hard work. Js Decor have been painting kitchens over 25yrs.

We were contacted via our website, Jen had looked through and filled in the contact form. Jen sent some photos of her kitchen, it had a look of a Chalon kitchen. So I was able to provide an accurate quote from the photos. We discussed colours and the specialist paints we like to use. The colours chosen were Wevet & Moles Breath from F&Ball similar to the Tom Howley kitchen colours.

Look at the kitchen

So I was invited round to have a closer look the kitchen. Because this gives a client chance to look at our painted samples and meet me. We chatted through the process of how we go about the job & it also gives me a chance to check the kitchen out & make sure everything is OK with it. kitchen cabinet painter Audlem Crewe Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Audlem Crewe Cheshire

A couple of days later the job was confirmed and deposit paid, the start date was agreed. On the day we arrive we start by numbering everything up to ensure it all goes back in the same place. Hinges, drawers  even screws get marked up. We also check the smooth running of doors and drawers. Any adjustments are rectified there and then because when its fitted back there are no cabinet painter Audlem Crewe Cheshire

Painting a kitchen

With the kitchen all dismantled, the worktops and floor protected we can start to clean and de grease it. The kitchen has to spotlessly clean so the adhesion primers stick solidly to the previously painted surface. The doors & drawers are taken to the workshop where they are worked on. With everything clean we can fill any defects, chips & knocks making it look as as new. Only then once the fillers are sanded and paint work is super smooth can we start to paint.  The primer is applied to all surfaces, this dries to a super flat finish. With some colours we prime twice to help with coverage especially over darker colours. So with everything primed we can now apply the top coats, 2 coats in all. With it all finished everything in the workshop has been painted at the same time. We can bring everything back and refit it all.

kitchen cabinet painter Audlem Crewe Cheshire

This was a fabulous kitchen to begin with, but now its an absolutely beautiful looking cabinet painter Audlem Crewe Cheshire

We are a member of a group of invited only specialist kitchen & furniture painters..

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. If you are wanting your kitchen painted in Cheshire you can get in touch via this link. Contact us.

kitchen cabinet painter Audlem Cheshire

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