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Helen & Barry had needed to change their kitchen for a long while, they had been looking for a kitchen cabinet painter Manchester when they found my website. Following the phone call from them, I called round to talk hues and book a firm date. They had chosen to go beyond painting and going to have new stone tops, new tiles, and they were moving the glazed unit higher up the wall.

kitchen cabinet painter Manchester

Helen is somewhat of a wiz with hues, so this was left in her skilled hands.

Everything was on schedule and every one of that was required was to affirm the hues. Touching base on the concurred date, to see that the island had been changed to Strong white and the glazed unit had been lifted. Everything looked better as of now.  kitchen cabinet painter Manchester

Down to work

We were anxious to begin, and the principal undertaking was a considerable measure of cleaning, utilizing our trusted de greaser.  kitchen cabinet painter Manchester

Cleaning the units wasn’t too awful, we utilize the Mirka Mirlon cushions, which help the expulsion of dirt and grease while scratching the surface. It’s critical to flush with clean water subsequent to cleaning.

This was a major kitchen with huge amount to go at. Careful discipline brings about promising results!

Four of the cabinet doors had square cut-outs in them, and the style dated the kitchen, so we talked about filling them. At first look you would think it was a joiner’s job, on the grounds that there was nothing for an ordinary filler to stick to, yet we have a couple of things we can do using fiberglass patches.

Fine surface filling

With each of the 4 cut outs treated a similar way, I chose to prime up the units with a oil based grip undercoat. This featured the regions needing some more fine filling.  kitchen cabinet painter Manchester

Making preparations surfaces. kitchen cabinet painter Manchester.   kitchen cabinet painter Manchester

With four splendidly filled gaps, and an undetectable retouch, we prepared these entryways twice, alongside whatever is left of the kitchen organisers and cupboards.

We had the base coat tinted to coordinate the topcoats, and it was beginning to look totally changed as of now. An insight of things to come.

Woodwork touches

Helen and Barry had truly put some idea into this project.

kitchen cabinet painter Manchester

For instance, Barry had sourced some walnut, so the spice drawers and four of the kitchen drawers close to the sink could be changed over to this excellent wood.

We removed the glass, and Barry took the bars out for us, abandoning us some more gaps to fill and quill in!

Last layers of paint

So now with the kitchen all prepared, it “simply” required the top coats. Furniture Feelings and Helmi Matt is a paint we as a whole like and trust in.

After a light rub down and vac off then wipe down with a tack rag we completed the fundamental units were blended into what might as well be called Manhattan 15 and the island and coated bureau in Strong White comparable.

Likewise with all sundries we utilize, they are accessible from My paintbrush who represent considerable authority in items not effectively accessible in shops.

3 layers of Kiva silk lacquer truly brought this kitchen alive leaving a wonderful wrap up.

kitchen cabinet painter Manchester

It looked just as great as a pamphlet Helen had demonstrated me of an extremely costly kitchen that suited their home to a tee.

I needed to sit tight a while for these after shots.

 kitchen cabinet painter Manchester

Working for Helen and Barry was an incredible delight as well.

A venture of Barry’s with a distinction.

Barry is buckling down for the following three years, climbing 29 of the world’s most elevated mountains! The enormous endeavor is a piece of his battle, raising cash for Cancer. Something near and dear, since being diagnosed to have Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow disease) March 2014.

Jun 09, 2014 by Helen

I enjoyed Jason from the minute he came to investigate the work. Straightforward, absolutely dependable and proficient. The kitchen is presently a pleasant place to invest energy in. We additionally updated worktops and machines. Before we had quotes of around £60k. I have the look I needed at a small amount of the cost of a hand painted new kitchen. (think Martin Moore, Tom Howley style). He is additionally a flawless person who we delighted in having in our home.

Ordinarily I can hardly wait to be freed of tradesmen! They are frequently not befitting of the name, but rather it was an absolutely agreeable venture.

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