Kitchen Hand Painted & Room Redecorated In Bolton

Kitchen hand painted Bolton: Peter and Patsy Riley contacted me via my web site with a view to having their kitchen hand painted & room redecorated in Bolton. Their kitchen was a bespoke hand built one stained in a very dark Mahogany colour about 20yrs ago, it had gone darker as it had aged. Although the kitchen layout was great, it was too dark for them – so it was just right for painting.

Kitchen hand painted

Refurbish a kitchen

After giving them a good idea of cost through the pictures they sent me, I was asked to pay a visit. On looking at the work involved, we discussed colour, possible new worktops, also lighting to really lighten up the kitchen.

As the kitchen had small windows, we chose a warm colour to compliment the stone around the Aga. This was Dulux Quilted Calico 3. With this as a starting point, I helped with colour choices for the room colour. Now with the worktops fitted and some fancy new lighting installed, we were ready to start.

Prepare and a prime the wooden kitchen

First the kitchen was thoroughly degreased then rinsed off & allowed to dry.

Then the Isofix primer was applied.

After that, 3 coats of Dulux oil eggshell, sanding between coats. New knobs were added after being lacquered with Kiva in a satin finish.

Redecorate kitchen ceilings and walls

Now that the kitchen was finished it was time to start the room itself. The ceiling was a matt finish in Dulux quilted Calico 1 & the walls in soft sheen Dulux Quilted Calico 1 which complimented the units beautifully.

Kitchen hand painted Bolton | Kitchen hand painted & room redecorated in Bolton

The transformation of the kitchen is stunning and its a completely new look and feel to a once tired looking kitchen and all achieved with hardly any disruption to Peter and Patsy.I would like to thank Peter & Patsy for there for their kindness while working there, and it was a pleasure for me & Matt.

Since working at Peters we have completed another kitchen just down the road from them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, if you have been inspired by what we do you can get in touch via my contact page as we are the first port of call in the NW for hand painted kitchens & furniture..

So what did Peter & Patsy think of their new look

We had been considering having our solid wood kitchen painted for years but never found the right person. As soon as we read Jason’s site, we knew he was the one. Jason spend a lot of time describing his work, helping us pick colours & making suggestions. He was so enthusiastic & professional that we never had any doubts that he would do a fantastic job – and he did! It looks like a new kitchen & for a fraction of the price.

Jason is always cheerful & Matt, the quiet one, has a wonderful dry sense of humour & yes, they do shut doors even quietly, when popping to the van. Their whole approach is respectful, the kitchen was always left clean & tidy. They finished earlier than expected & spent time putting up blinds, poles & curtain,they even repaired minor faults left by previous trades. Peter was delighted! We cannot praise them enough & would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article…

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