Kitchen Painter Bramhall Cheshire

I was contacted in the first place via my website. The couple had been looking for a kitchen painter Bramhall Cheshire. They had been discussing colours with a colour consultant but could not get the correct shade. I was asked to pay a visit and try and help. Working with a specialist paint company they can match most colours fairly accurately.

Kitchen painter Bramhall Cheshire Kitchen painter Bramhall Cheshire

The kitchen tiles were an unusual shade of blue and the kitchen unit colour needed to compliment them perfectly. Armed with more colour cards we set to finding the right one which wasn’t easy there are so many shades of white. We finally decided on Jasmin White which is Dulux colour, this would be mixed into our specialist waterborne paints to an equivalent mix.

As this kitchen was an in frame one we remove all the doors and drawers to avoid any paint on hinges. All the handles are removed and the doors and drawers are stamped so we know where they are from in the kitchen. This also ensures a better job rather than cutting around everything which some painters do we have seen.

On To The job

The first job is to clean down the entire kitchen using various trade de greasers to remove even the unseen grease. This ensures that our high performance paints adhere well and avoids any problems later on. The kitchen was already painted but sadly not very well from someone claiming to be a specialist kitchen painter. After all the cleaning and removing the residue it was time to sand it all using our dustless sander. Several grades are used depending on the substrate to achieve a flat surface, one that when painted will be as flat as a mill pond.

kitchen painter Bramhall Cheshire

The primer we use is an oil grip adhesive. This bonds to the surface and is the perfect base for the two waterborne top coats that we apply. Once the painting is completed we assemble the kitchen then refit the hardware. Then we get the full effect and brand new looking kitchen.

Kitchen painters Bramhall Cheshire

We even managed to paint the bread bin…

Being a co founder of HPKUK we only invite the very best in business see for yourself…

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

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