Kitchen Painter Chelford Cheshire

Kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire

Having already seen a kitchen that we had done in Alderley Edge. Being impressed they realized that this was a better option for them. They got in touch and I was invited round to have a look, this kitchen was stunning. The kitchen itself was an in frame one with the hinges visible on the front. We discussed the removal of them for the more modern cabinet hinge which would change the look for the better.

Pricing up a kitchen this large

As with all kitchens we paint the hardest job is to gauge how long the job will take. The best way to learn about time management is just by doing kitchens all the time. This kitchen was going to take us 7 weeks to complete. In addition to the painting I organized the changing of the hinges which would be done before we started.

Having agreed a price and a start date the kitchen was booked in the diary. I sent over different pictures of painted kitchens to give them colour ideas. As they were having other work done their interior designer would assist them with colour choice. kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire.

kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire

kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire

Preparing the kitchen

With the hinges changed and the doors and drawers planed the kitchen looked better already. The first job is to removes all the doors as well as the drawers. These are then taken back to the workshop as the glass in the doors needs to be protected. Once everything is removed we can start to clean all the surfaces that are to be painted using strong de greasers. This removes all the unseen grease or anything that could cause a problem for when the paint is applied. With the kitchen clean all the doors and frame are checked to see what needs filling using specialist fillers.

Painting the kitchen

With the kitchen now clean and everything lightly sanded and dust free. We were able to start applying the Otex adhesion primer which is essential for a successful and problem free job. As its a high build grip primer it only needs the one coat except for any bare timber. Once dry it sands down to dust leaving a marble like finish. This is the perfect base for the waterborne top coats that are use. Two coats of the finish paint are applied using the finest brushes by Corona and the two fussy blokes roller sleeves. Some of the days were in the workshop and others on site, this ensures the kitchen would be completed on time.  The colours we used were Clunch & Railings.

Refit the kitchen

All the kitchens that we paint take longer to put back together than taking them apart. This was no different 5 days this took making sure nothing got damaged. We cleaned all the glass and re fitted all the handles then stood back and thought painter Chelford Cheshire.  kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire. 

kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire

kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire

kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire

kitchen painter Chelford Cheshire

If you would like us to paint your kitchen or furniture you can get in touch with via this link.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We are a member of HPKUK a group of nation wide kitchen & furniture specialists.

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