Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire

Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire: This article is about another kitchen hand painted Hale Cheshire. I was contacted in the first instance by Lindsey regarding her and Wayne’s kitchen. The kitchen was about 10 yrs old & in very good condition but I guess like most kitchens of this age they start to look careworn.

Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire

Lindsey kindly sent photos of their kitchen so it was fairly easy for me to price it up, but sometimes you don’t see all the detail. Having looked I thought it would be around 9 days work so I called to chat through the painting of it and discussed handles, colours, and as the room had recently been decorated I assured them that this wouldn’t cause a problem with painting the kitchen. Having given them the price and also showing them dozens of kitchens we have done similar to theirs we were booked in to start.

Looking at colours first and as Elephants Breath was on the walls, what better than to put Skimming Stone on the units, it was going to look fabulous.

We also looked at changing the magnetic door catches as most were broke.

The decision was made to change them for chrome which would look nicer and not break again like the plastic ones do.

On to the painting

The first few days are the ones which see us protect all surfaces, clean, sand , vacuum, tack, then dismantle the kitchen to ensure every bit gets the correct treatment. With the kitchen stripped down one of us concentrates on the frame, the other on the doors, without getting in each other’s way.

Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire

Its at this stage the new holes are drilled for the new hardware so the old holes are filled up.  Our chosen primer on this kitchen was Otex, as the kitchen being made of Beech wasn’t going to be a problem with tannin bleed. The primer goes on a treat, leaving a superlative finish and one that sticks and bonds to the surface. Once we get onto the painting stage the job speeds up. The client starts to see their kitchen change as the primers are mixed.

The top coat was to be Helmi 30 and mixed to Skimming Stone equivalent mix by Holman paints. With the kitchen now all primed it’s given the lightest of sands using dustless methods helping to keep our work area clean and the client’s home.  The tops coat is applied by brush and roller. Thinned to the right consistency for it to lay as flat as a marble. Two coats are applied in total de-nibbing between coats giving it a beautiful sheen and one that’s very tough indeed and perfect for hand painted kitchens.

The real bonus of using these paints is that they are waterborne. No overnight drying, no smell while drying, no paint discolouration. no problems in touching up if needed.

If you’re looking for a kitchen painting specialist then look no further than HPKUK.

Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire

Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire

Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire

I would like to thank Lindsey and Wayne for allowing us to paint their kitchen.

So what did Lindsay and Wayne think about how we did.

5 ****

Jason and his team provide an amazing service. This is the way kitchens are hand painted-they are so skilled you cannot see a single brush mark! It took two weeks to complete revamping our kitchen! Due to the amazing prep work but it was well worth it. The guys are professional and very respectful of your home. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Lindsey (Hale)

If you would like us to make your kitchen look like new! JS Decor are the first port of call in Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and the Wirral.

I would also like to thank you for reading this article about another kitchen hand painted Hale Cheshire.

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