Kitchen Painter Lytham St Anne’s Lancashire

Meg had been looking for a kitchen painter Lytham St Anne’s Lancashire.  Through her neighbour who had recommended us as we had painted their Matthew Marsden kitchen.

kitchen painter Lytham St Annes Lanxashire

Having seen what we could achieve she decided to give us a call. Their kitchen was very well looked after but a little care worn in places. With all painted kitchen they do need to be re painted sometime. The beauty of this is when they are painted to the levels are needed they look brand new again. kitchen painter Lytham St Anne’s Lancashire

Kitchen Painter  Lytham St Anne’s Lancashire.

On the first day its a case of covering the worktops then protecting the floor. This gives us a better working environment as well as looking after out clients home. The kitchen is fully cleaned and lightly sanded  before removing all the doors and drawers as you can not paint everything still attached to the units as some do.

Kitchen painter Lytham St Annes Lancashire

Once this is all the dust is removed and tacked down. Now we’re ready to prime  using high adhesion primers, this time we used Sayerlack from Italy. This dries to a marble finish and one that is perfect for the top coats.

Its all lightly sanded again, then the first of the two top coats are applied. Our paint being a high build one covers absolutely brilliant and dries flawless. This is the same brand of paint that Tom Howley use on their furniture. Now the first coat is on and dry its given a another coat after a little prep. All we need to do is remove all the protection, then put everything back together.

kitchen painter Lytham St Anne's painter Lytham St Anne's painter Lytham St Anne's Lancashire.

I would like to thank Ian and Meg for allowing us to paint their lovely kitchen.

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