Kitchen painter Ribble Valley Lancashire

Linda and Graham had been searching for a kitchen painter Ribble Valley Lancashire when they came across my website. Having had a good look through my website they asked if I would call round to price painting their Oak kitchen.

Kitchen painter Ribble Valley Lancashire

Luckily for me it was only 20 minutes away from where I live which was an added bonus. The kitchen had been well made and put together but it looked like the finish was just wearing away. This was a fairly straight forward job having painted many like these before. I was able to price it all up in no time and in addition I was asked if we could paint the patio doors to tone with the room. We looked at the colours that would possibly go with the tiles, Dimity worked well. A couple of days later the job was confirmed and was booked in.

Kitchen painter Ribble Valley Lancashire

On To The Job

Working closely with the main distributor Valtti we can get the right paint evertime time as kitchen painting is so different than decorating. The prep has to imaculate as well as the finish, not only that it has to last. The cleaning process is the most important job, failure at this part ruins the whole job. We use a variety of degreasing cleaners to remove all the hidden grease so that when we are ready to apply the primer its all squeaky clean.

Once the doors and carcase are clean its all given a light sand sand using dustless sanders, after that all the remaining dust is removed. A final wipe with a solvent cleaner before the high adhesion primer is applied. All the worktops and floors are fully protected at this stage and that stays in place throughout the job. The primer is left over night to dry and cure, after this its given an even lighter sand to flawless finish.

Kitchen painter Ribble Valley Lancashire

With the kitchen now only needing two top coats of waterborne paint specially made for kitchens and furniture. For the application of this paint we use the finest synthetic brushes & the best high density foam rollers to produce a flawless finish. The results are always outstanding and one that all our clients love.

We even changed the handles for a more modern look.

So what do are clients think of us.

Kitchen painter Ribble Valley Lancashire
Every kitchen we paint deserves a JS Decor tag

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