Kitchen Painters Cheshire

Js Decor are specialist kitchen painters Cheshire. We have been painting kitchens for over 20 years and have painted over 400 kitchens in that time. We are also a co founder of the HPKUK group which is fast becoming the website to visit for anyone considering a kitchen revamp.

Kitchen painters Cheshire

The kitchens we paint are all the bespoke ones, wooden ones, pre painted or even factory sprayed. With the primers that are available today we are also able to paint high gloss kitchens as well as vinyl wrapped ones. We are also able to refurb wooden worktops to enhance your kitchen further.

What next

Our team will start work at about 7 o’clock and leave around half three, the first job is to protect all worktops and flooring, thoroughly clean and sand all the surfaces to be painted.

This means both sides of doors and drawers, end panels, cornice, plinths – the whole kitchen! Not just the bits that make a good first impression.

Kitchen painters Cheshire

After thoroughly preparing all surfaces, we prime with high performance adhesion primer, and over the course of the following few days, apply at least two coats of specialist furniture paint, sanding between coats. This is the level of quality that is needed for a professional job. It is how I can ensure a durable and beautiful long lasting finish on your hand painted kitchen.


There is nothing better than a review from a previous customer. To see if the story here matches with the reality. Here is a selection of testimonials and you are welcome to follow them up, if you wish.)

Title: High quality transformation

Jason and his team were highly professional in every aspect of the project. The work was carried out promptly and efficiently with outstanding professionalism ensuring the least possible disruption during a 9 day project. A kitchen renovation using JS Decor is like nothing I have ever experienced before in the contractor sector. By 3pm each and every day my Kitchen was fully functioning and usable until the following morning when work commenced again. I can and would recommend them without hesitation. Extremely good value for money. We feel we obtained a “new” kitchen for a fraction of the price and the weeks of inconvenience that the potential new units (that would have cost tens of thousands) would have entailed.

How much do you charge to hand paint a kitchen

I price all hand painted kitchens on a pro rata, but it works out around £100 per door. A small wooden kitchen that is lacquered oak or pine will usually cost about £1200 to prepare, prime and paint. The biggest kitchens tend to be around £7000. I would give you a fixed price of course which will be based on the requirements to repaint your kitchen.

Kitchen painters Cheshire

What makes a good finish

A good finish is all in the preparation and using the best products along with years of perfecting our craft. Here are two examples of hand painted kitchens and a flawless finish we achieve.

kitchen painters Cheshire
Flawless finish
Kitchen Painters Cheshire
factory sprayed door, brushed kick board

kitchen painters Cheshire

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If you have a kitchen or any furniture in Cheshire and would like it painting with a beautiful finish JS Decor are the first port of call in Cheshire..

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