Kitchen Painters Whitefield Manchester

Janice had been looking for a kitchen painters Whitefield Manchester on the internet when she came across my website. As professional kitchen painters we have painted well over 400 kitchens, from some of the most expensive to the not so, and many more in between.

They are all given the same amount of prep to ensure a durable finish and one that customers adore when done. We never get tired of seeing a kitchen look fabulous when we have finished it. Our clients often comment on all the kit and caboodle we have from dustless sanding to various drying racks, the cleaners and above all else being tidy and unobtrusive.

Kitchen painters Whitefield Manchester

I was invited to call and quote for the repainting. The kitchen had been painted already but sadly not very well. Brush marks uneven and a little patchy. The main problem was the nicotine, this would need a mighty clean before any paint could be applied. We use various cleaners these days, Pro clean, Krud Kutter, even Evans Vanodine trade range. Having shown Janice the sample finish I carry around with me we were booked in there and then after I had priced it all up. Whilst I was there we also chose the colours Purbeck stone and Moles Breath respectably from the F&B collection.

On To The Job

The job was pretty straight forward thoroughly clean all the units. This just required more cleaner than we normally use because of the nicotine as well as the kitchen grime we encounter. This process took 2 full days but it was worth all the effort as the kitchen completely changed colour, a lot lighter. Day 3 we are now able to lightly sand using our dustless Mirka system. This takes the hard work out of prep. Now the painting can commence after the kitchen cabinets have been dusted off, wiped with meths. Now they are squeaky clean. For the primer we used an oil grip primer which has a tenacious bond and one that lies flat when dry.

By day 5 we were all primed and ready for the first of the 2 top coats a waterborne paint. This has a very hard wearing finish when dry. The problem with these paints is they are not the easiest to apply. That’s why a lot of painters don’t use then as they still tend to favour oils.

Kitchen painters Whitefield Manchester

Kitchen painters Whitefield Manchester

The problems with oil is they smell, take hours to dry, they pick up dust as well as chip easier when cured. Another problem is they do change colour with age. google.

The kitchen now nearly completed all it needs is its last coat.  We open a new tin as this will be the touch paint if its ever needed. As accidents do happen from time to time.

Being a co founder of HPKUK you can be assured of a quality long lasting finish…

If you have a kitchen that you want painting, we are the first port of call in Manchester or Cheshire.

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