This Large Kitchen In The Wirral Is Hand Painted

Large Hand Painted kitchen Wirral: All the kitchens that we refurbish these days always look more desirable than the did before they were painted. So this large kitchen in the Wirral that has been hand painted now looks like a bespoke one that’s been newly fitted.

I was contacted by the couple who had heard about what we do and they were keen to do something with their kitchen as it was 1o years old maybe more, but still to good to throw out. I was asked to call round and give them a quote for painting it using our specialist hard wearing paints. Having priced it up the job was booked in and we had a look through the colours , although the room was well lit the kitchen did sap the light so it needed to be a light colour to really maximise the light. Strong White was chosen for the most of the units, the island and metal worktop unit a pale gray. I’ve seen this combination a good few times so I know it works well.

Large Hand Painted kitchen Wirral
Painted kitchen in the Wirral

On to the work

As with all the kitchens we do we have a set routine, this starts with a full clean and degrease essential for any successful hand painted kitchen. After all the cleaning is done every surface is protected so we can start with the dustless sanding and removal of handles etc. At this stage the kitchen starts to look clean and ready for the priming coat. Different surfaces require certain primers, so it’s important to use the right one.

Before the paint is applied all the holes that need filling are done. In this case we were repositioning the handles. With all the hard work out of the way it’s on the painting stage this takes no time with the various racks we have. one of us concentrates on the doors & one on the frame. As our primers are coloured as near to the top coats you see the colour of your kitchen come together pretty quick. This gives you an idea how its will look when it’s finished. With it all now primed it can be sanded again before it is first coated with the top coats.

Large Hand Painted kitchen Wirral
The finished look

Can we change the colour

Sometimes we have to change the colour as the room doesn’t suit it or any many other reasons, this isn’t a problem & in this case luckily only the Grey needed to be changed to Wevet. This was a simple enough change and it looked just as good so everyone was happy.

As the kitchen neared completion I was able to fix the new cup handles to the drawers and knobs to the doors. With the hardware on and the kitchen put back together the transformation was complete. What a brilliant looking space absolutely unrecognizable from before. We enjoyed our time in the Wirral and look forward to working there again.

Being a member of the HPKUK group we have been assessed and approved. You can be assured of the highest levels of quality from us.

Thanks for reading this blog, if you looking to have a kitchen painted! JS Decor are the first port of call in the Wirral,Cheshire or Lancashire  

This is what my clients thought of our transformation.

High quality transformation

Oct 29, 2015 by Paula Edwards

Jason and his team were highly professional in every aspect of the project . The work was carried out promptly and efficiently with outstanding professionalism. Ensuring the least possible disruption during a 9 day project . A kitchen renovation using JS Decor is like nothing I have ever experienced before in the contractor sector. By 3pm each and every day my Kitchen was fully functioning and usable. Until the following morning when work commenced again of course. I can and would recommend them without hesitation. Extremely good value for money. We feel we obtained a “new” kitchen for a fraction of the price. At a couple of weeks inconvenience that the potential new units (that would have cost tens of thousands) would have entailed.

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