Miele Kitchen In Alderley Edge Cheshire Transformed With Paint

Miele kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire: Leigh had contacted me via the Internet whether it was possible to paint her Miele kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire. Her sister had a kitchen that a good friend of mine Russ Pike had painted. I haven’t come across one yet that we couldn’t do anything with. Leigh’s kitchen was a very well made one and far to good to replace. Being Miele it would of been expensive to begin with and full of Miele appliances.

Miele kitchen Alderley Edge
Miele kitchen

The kitchen and lounge area were a perfect place for relaxing and cooking. The kitchen was lovely as it was. But it sapped all the light from the room. So it needed to be lightened and that could only be achieved by painting it. Leigh was having the lounge decorated also. This helped as the wallpaper she had picked had silvery grey tones.

Ammonite (F&B) a beautiful very pale grey was chosen for the kitchen units. This was going to a big transformation and not just the kitchen. Leigh was to leave us and go away on holiday whilst we carried out the works. Coming home to a finished kitchen.

Onto the job

First things first we removed all the hardware and protect the surfaces then give it a thorough clean and sand down. Meths is then used to clean any contamination. The primer is applied and allowed to dry using our drying racks, essential kit for kitchen painter. The beauty of using Otex is its self levelling & marble like, hardly needs rubbing down once dry.

The first two top coats.

Next it’s on to the first of the two top coats which in this case was Tikkurilla Helmi Matt a superlative waterborne finish that is extremely hard-wearing. Now it was starting to look nice and a whole lot lighter than before. With the first coat on and dry we could give it the last but most important coat. To achieve the final finish we use 320 grit Goldflex before dusting then tacking off again, also we use a new tin of paint. Finally all we need to do is re-hang the doors and fit the hardware, then remove all the protective coverings.

Just because this kitchen would have been an expensive one to begin with, it goes to show that all of the kitchens we come across we can make them look fabulous.

Miele kitchen Alderley Edge
close up finish
Miele kitchen Alderley Edge
Miele kitchen finished in Ammonite

Voila a new look, a Miele kitchen that looks like it’s just been installed and one that Miele themselves I hope would be proud of.

Miele kitchen Alderley Edge
All badged up

A big thank you to Leigh for entrusting us to renew her kitchen with paint. Miele kitchen Alderley Edge Cheshire

When deciding to have your kitchen painted you need to be confident in using the right person. Someone who has a good track record and a good back catalogue of work. It also helps when they have a kitchen nearby to where they live. This kitchen was on the same road.

If you looking to have your kitchen painted or any furniture. JS Decor are the first port of call in Cheshire or Lancashire. .

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