Hand Painted Neville Johnson Kitchen In Bramhall Cheshire

Neville Johnson Hand painted Kitchen: In this article I go through the process of how we went about updating a 27 year old Neville Johnson. Transforming it into a hand painted Neville Johnson kitchen and how we  gave it a new look without the expense of replacing it.

The beauty of painting kitchens, its a relatively inexpensive way to update and modernize your existing units. Simply by changing handles and the position, maybe change the worktops, and not forgetting all the colour choice out there. Eric & Jacky got in Neville Johnson Hand painted Kitchen touch as they had a friend in Poynton whose kitchen we had painted. I went round to have a measure up and to see if anything could be done with it.

Their kitchen had been fitted around 1988 by Neville Johnson a name associated with quality and built to last. To remove and replace would have cost a lot of money as it wasn’t cheap all those years ago. The kitchen being made of solid Dark Oak made the room dark as well, the pine boarded ceiling did not reflect much light either. With the price agreed and a date booked we picked the colours, Savage Ground matched very nicely to the wall tiles and as we were asked to paint the ceiling, New White was a complimentary colour. Neville Johnson Hand painted Kitchen

On to the job

27yr old neville Johnson
27yr old Neville Johnson kitchen

As with any job preparation is key to a great job, it’s starts with the cleaning down after the hardware has been removed, every bit of grease is removed using a trade strength degreaser which can be neutralized with water. Once all this is done it is left to fully dry, then we sand it just enough to provide a key for the high adhesion primer.

This was an Oak kitchen so it needed a shellac based primer to stop any tannin’s ruining the painted finish. For this we use Isofix, supplied by Holmans. As this was a rather large kitchen it took quite a few days to do. But with any job you start to see the changes quite quickly when the primer starts going on. With the primer on and stuck fast it’s then able to be filled up with our two pack fillers as we were repositioning the handles. With the fillers sanded smooth using dustless sanding where possible it’s then given another prime over the the fillers.

Now we are ready for the first of the two top coats of Helmi Matt. A waterborne paint that is extremely tough and hard wearing. With the first coat on, Geoff, our cabinet maker turned up to put the handles in place saving us a bit of work. We had to be out before Eric & Jacky went away on holiday. All it needed was the last coat, so using the lightest of grades of Golflex we de nibbled all the surfaces, dusting and tacking off to remove all traces of dust. As for the brushes we used the Corona Archers for the first time and they performed brilliantly virtual no brush marks.

Neville Johnson Hand painted Kitchen Bramhall
Hand painted Neville johnson kitchen

With the kitchen now finished, we could tackle the pine ceiling. With a good clean again using our degreasers it was washed and rinsed then left to dry. As it was varnished it was sanded first using a dustless sander then wiped down with meths. We decided to put two coats of Isofix in the colour New White. Once this product has dried and cured nothing is going to shift it.

The ceiling looked like it had renewed completely and with the lighter colour the whole room was unrecognizable from before. I would like to thank Eric & Jacky for allowing us into their home a painting their kitchen. Also to their friend, Graham for passing us on to them.

 Jun 19, 2015 by Eric Greenwood

We had a 27 year old Neville Johnson solid wood kitchen. It was of first class quality but looked it’s age & tired.
Jason helped us enormously to choose the right colours & the two Matts did a brilliant job.
It now looks superb. I would not hesitate to recommend them to you.

If you’re looking for someone to hand paint your kitchen or any furniture in Cheshire or Lancashire. JS Decor are the first port of call. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

Neville Johnson Hand painted Kitchen
A once dark kitchen is now a lovely bright kitchen

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