Painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancashire

Painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancashire. Painted kitchens have never been so popular than they are today. Compared to buying a new kitchen there is the cost saving as well as a new looking kitchen..

The initial enquiry came through our website & as a recommend, a site visit was arranged to meet the client at their home and discuss the project in more detail.. We also price kitchens and furniture up off photographs & we are happy to answer any questions or provide advice.  painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancshire

The client had a list of questions to ask and the answers are readily available. Having painted and transformed hundreds of kitchens over the years. There isn’t anything we haven’t come across beforehand. This has helped us fine tune the whole process of re-vamping your kitchen from start to finish!

painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancashire

This Oak kitchen was around 16 years old and originally made and fitted by a local kitchen company. Still in good condition, solidily built and a nice design… a few hinges needed adjusting and the handles in need of replacing. Other than that, it was ready for transforming & an update.

The Painting Process: painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancashire

We start by removing all the doors and draws, number them in sequence and remove the hardware. This gives us good access to all the frames and ensures all surfaces of the doors are prepared and painted (its a real pet hate and such bad practice not removing doors) we see all too often. Painted kitchens with the back edge of the doors without paint on them, a minor detail but one that needs to be done correctly!

Preparing your kitchen for painting; on an average 20+ door kitchen, we can spend a full day, cleaning every inch of it, thoroughly and meticulously… If this part isn’t done right, then the paint system (no matter how durable) will fail in the future… Preparation is key!

Next step is applying the primer… A high adhesion primer that will grip to the previously prepared surface… This dries overnight to a lovely flat finish and after a very light de-nib with a fine abrasive, we a ready to start applying the top coats. The colours for this kitchen were F&B Strong White & Elephants Breath. painted kitchen Longton preston Lancashire

painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancashire

A beautiful, silky smooth finish that comes in a 10% or 30% sheen level… personally I prefer the 30% sheen, as on this kitchen, but its entirely up to you. The paint system we use can be tinted to all most colour any palettes, so the choice is endless…! painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancashire

painted kitchen longton Preston Lancashire

If you have a project in the pipeline and would like to restore & transform your existing kitchen, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to offer you the benefit of our experience and knowledge.

we are a also a proud member of HPKUK.UK an invitational group specialikitchen painters throughout the Uk.

The handles were supplied by our prefurred hardware suppliers Slingers.

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