How Paint A Granite Effect

Painting Peterhead Granite: Peterhead granite using paint and sea sponge

Painting Granite Effects: Jason Walker, Specialist Painter in Lancashire writes regular tips for the Lancashire Magazine, and here I explain how to achieve Peterhead granite look with paint and sea sponges


Sponging is probably the quickest, easiest and most versatile of all the paint finishes. It can be worked on almost any surface, even woodchip. Any mistakes can be rectified fairly easily.

The surface before I started this demonstration.

Painting Peter head Granite

With this granite effect we work with 3 Sea Sponges in three different colours: lamp black, Indian red, and white.

With your chosen object painted in white eggshell, dab your surface with the lamp black randomly.

Now with the Indian red, dab that all over the surface as well – this granite is predominantly red.

Next it’s the turn of the white. Dab that sparingly.

Protect the sponged surface

Allow to dry, then protect with a clear satin varnish.

The finished result now has the colouring and the sheen of Peterhead granite.

Painting Peterhead Granite

Try using other colours to see what other effects you can achieve.

Specialist painter and decorator, Jason Walker, is a member of the HPKUK network. The first port of call for hand painted kitchens from South Lakes, Preston to South Cheshire.

Jason has been hand-painting kitchens for 18 years, trading as JS Decor; he also writes regular tips for the Lancashire Magazine.

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