A Pine Kitchen In Chorley & A Lot More

Pine kitchen Chorley: In this article I go through how we went about Hand painting a Pine kitchen in Chorley & a lot more furniture besides. I was contacted in the first instance by the homeowners. They had seen my website and were suitably impressed and may have seen this blog about a kitchen in Euxton.

Pine kitchen Chorley Pine kitchen Chorley Pine kitchen Chorley Pine kitchen Chorley Pine kitchen Chorley Pine kitchen Chorley

"Pine kitchen Chorley

I was asked to pay a visit and have a look at what needed doing. A pine kitchen that was a good few years old plus a dresser and the dining table with the chairs. This was going to be a great transformation as it would all compliment one another when done. As there was a lot to price up I took all the photos I needed so as to make it easier to sort out.

It really doesn’t take long to price as the more you do it’s easier to gauge your time. With the quote accepted I booked the job in my diary , then we turned our attention to the colours. My brief was to paint the kitchen in the colour Stoney Ground. The pew in Mouse’s Back then the dresser and other furniture in Slipper Satin. As for the tabletop and dresser top we would strip them back to bare timber and re lacquer them.

On to the work

We started by washing all the grime off using our degreaser whilst agitating it all with a Mirlon scratch pad before neutralising it all. This is all left to dry before a thorough sanding using our dustless sanders. All worktops are fully protected as so are the floors so as not to get paint on anything that does not require painting. When priming pine it it essential to use a primer that can stop any knots & tannins, so we only use Isofix.

After this its all rubbed flat for a superlative finish. Which is perfect for two tops coats of waterborne Helmi Matt mixed into equivalent colours. After the kitchen was finished unfortunately the colour they agreed on sadly they didn’t like. This happens from time to time, so this time to Joa’s White . The table top was treated to a full sand down. Using our dustless sander starting with 80 grit then dropping down the grits as we go. It’s then finished with three coats of Kiva which again is waterborne, this produces a fabulous finish. Anybody using oils on kitchens or furniture these days really should use the new hybrid paints they are far superior

If you would a kitchen or any furniture painting you can get in touch as JS Decor are the first port of call in Lancashire, Cheshire & Merseyside.

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