MFI Pine Kitchen Lancaster Now Hand Painted With A Flawless Finish

This article is about a 15yr old MFI Pine kitchen Lancaster now handpainted. It looks so much better for painting it. The beauty of hand painting your kitchen is it gives your kitchen a new look. Without the hefty price tag of replacing it. Providing your kitchen is in reasonable condition it should be good to refurbish. I was contacted in the first place by John, having seen our website he was suitably impressed and got in touch with a view of getting a price for his rather large MFI pine kitchen.

Pine kitchen Lancaster now handpainted

Having kindly sent photos I was able to price it all up from them. But as it was not so far from where I live it was worth a visit. For a kitchen this age it was in great condition and straightforward enough. I priced it all up and John accepted it so I booked it in. We looked through the colours to find the right one for the room itself, Slipper Satin was the perfect colour. The handles would be kept in the same place, as for the wooden edge strip on the worktops they were to be kept as they were just pine. With this all agreed it was just a case of starting the mammoth job itself.

Pine kitchen Lancaster now handpainted

Preparation is the biggest part of any kitchen painting project, get this wrong and it just does not last. We start by thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the entire kitchen whilst using a trade scratch pad. After this task it is all then neutralized to remove the solution, this leaves it squeaky clean. As for protecting the rest of the kitchen we completely cover the whole of the floor, worktops and the oven.

Pine kitchen Lancaster now handpainted

Basically anything that does not require paint gets protected. Once this was all done! We are then ready to apply the primer which had to be Isofix 5ltrs of it thank you holmans for supplying it. Any holes & dents are filled with a two pack filler this also sands down to an invisible finish.

Now we are on to the painting stage progress seems to speed on and you start to get a feel for the look its going to be. A few days later it’s all primed then more sanding to get it all superlatively flat before the all the joints are caulked. A final vac over and a tack cloth wiped over the surface, it’s ready for the first of the tops coats Helmi Matt 8ltrs in total.

As we are two man team one does the frames and one does the doors. On kitchens this size two are better than one as it took best part of 3 week to do on your own 5/6. Before any top coat paint is applied the room is as spotlessly clean as it can be. This is to minimize dust landing on the painted surface. Using both racks and using waterborne paints in a warmish room it’s surprising how good a finish you can get it virtually brush free. We’ve completely given up on using oils as they take to long to dry and above everything they still have a strong smell, not eco friendly either.

The kitchen was now starting to take shape. All it needed was the doors, drawers, kick boards reinstating and handles putting back. Plus the new rubber buffers and we were done.

Pine kitchen Lancaster now handpaintedPine kitchen Lancaster now handpainted

Another successful pine kitchen Lancaster now handpainted  by Matt & Matthew has now been hand painted with a flawless finish, it has improved the look of the room, it’s much lighter not only that a modern and bright pleasant place to be. You would think it was new, not a 15yr old MFI one…

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Pine kitchen Lancaster now handpainted

We very much enjoyed this transformation! We wish John a big thankyou for allowing us into his home and improving his kitchen it was a pleasure.

Thanks for reading this blog and if you’re looking to a kitchen or piece of furniture updated? We are the first port of call from the South Lakes to South Cheshire and Merseyside.

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