Re-Painting Smallbone Kitchen Preston Lancashire

Re-Painting Smallbone Kitchen Preston Lancashire: This is an article is about how to re-paintia Smallbone Kitchen in Chipping Preston Lancashire, that was installed some 8 years earlier.This blog gives a good account of how high standards have to be when working on kitchens of this caliber and the finish that is needed.

Re painting Smallbone kitchen

This was a bespoke Smallbone kitchen that I had admired for some years, having worked for Tim and Anita, decorating various rooms throughout their home. This kitchen was designed for cooking, with everything in the right place. After 9 years, it was starting to look in need of some TLC.

They already knew I painted kitchens and asked if I would like to submit a quote. Too right

This was a typical bespoke in-frame kitchen with cabinet hinges. Built by Smallbone, it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The original colour was a pale cream that had been finished with a dragged effect. Tim and Anita had employed an interior designer to source the new colours and they chose Archive, a F&B colour which, courtesy of my supplier I had matched in Tikkurila Furniture Feelings.

Re painting Smallbone kitchen

Prepare pre-painted kitchen for first coat

The first thing we had to do was to remove all knobs and clean down the kitchen thoroughly with krud Kutter or Pro Clean. Whist cleaning we also rubbed down the paintwork with flexible Scratch pads, rinsing as we went along.

Once this was done, we allowed it to dry, which didn’t take long, with the Aga belting out some toasty heat.

We were left with a lovely keyed surface for priming, and just before the Otex primer went on. We gave it all a final wipe over the cabinets with meths, to ensure it was clean, and then we started on the painting.

Re painting Smallbone kitchen

Prime a pre-painted kitchen

Three days of priming for the two of us, Wow! Built-in dishwasher pan racks, shelves, all in the primer.

Thankfully our supplier tint the primer the same colour as the top coat, so coverage is never a problem. Once primed, it only requires the lightest of denibbing before applying two coats of the Tikkurila topcoats.

Brushes for Otex Primer – For the first time, I got to use the Corona Cortez & Excalibur brushes. Both have a chisel edge and what a joy to use. Angled for sharp cutting-in, and for laying off they have a feather light touch.

Roller sleeve for Otex primer – I use a high density foam roller as I’m not keen on the sponge with felt sleeves that some decorators merchants have as some seem to hold on to the paint. I feel as though the foam acts just as good. If not better than if they were being used in oil.

Top coat of Tikkurila Furniture Feelings

With the units nearing completion they were looking fabulous and as for the sheen, it was beautiful. To see the kitchen now with the knobs back on and all the masking removed, it was a new kitchen. One to be proud of, as with all kitchens I do, but this was a Smallbone. Quite the hallmark of painted kitchens. Ultimately though, it was given the exact same treatment as all kitchens we do at and the clients were absolutely delighted.

Re painting Smallbone kitchen

I’m looking forward to seeing the kitchen again when it’s been dressed and things put back in their right place. I would like to thank Tim & Anita for allowing Matt and I the pleasure of painting their kitchen, and also their kindness whilst being there.

This is a prime example of how to achieve a “new kitchen” without going to the huge expense and upheaval of a new installation. Js Decor regularly re-paint Smallbone kitchens, and Mark Wilkinson, Clive Christian, and many other super bespoke kitchens working direct for homeowners like Tim and Anita.

JS Decor

If your in the market for a painted kitchen we are the first port of call for this work. Covering the areas of Lancashire and Cheshire. We have been hand painting kitchens since 1993 trading as JS Decor.

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