How To Restore A Pine Wall Unit With A Painted Finish

Restoring pine wall units: This is how to restore a pine wall unit with a painted finish because it didn’t look at home in a newly decorated kitchen, so I updated it with a painted finish.

Restoring pine wall unit

London Stone which is a F&B colour was applied to two walls and two feature walls in a strong Damson. As the piece of furniture was going back on a Dimity coloured wall it had to be painted to fit in with the new look. 
A lot of furniture in the shops is hand painted and a little effort it can give a tired piece of furniture a new lease of life. Without spending too much money on it.

First I had to remove all the wax! If the unit is varnished it’s still a good idea to wash it down with Krud Kutter. Then lightly rubbing it down after its dried.

Once the unit is dry, apply 1 coat of Isofix grip primer allowing to dry.

Next find a colour that sits well with your wall colours/room colour. Almost all the paint companies help with harmonising or contrasting  these days.
 The colour chosen for this unit was Irish Coffee by Dulux.


Once dry, all it needed was some co-ordinating accessories. Two cardboard hearts were painted in the Damson colour and various other items added to complete the look.
The drawer knobs were left in the natural look, to add to its old charm. 
Less is definitely more and a colour change is all that’s needed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and if your in the market for having any FURNITURE or a KITCHEN painting or revamping.

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