Restoring A Tired Old Oak Table

Restoring tired old oak: Restoring a tired old oak table was not easy  in this sorry state, scratched legs, scratched top and was in desperate need of a makeover.
 It was a lovely piece of furniture and with a top that folded out to double its eating area. Also it was made of solid oak so it seemed a shame to just rub it down and re-stain it again.

Restoring tired old oak

I decided to sand down the top and the leaves with a coarse 40 grit to remove all the old stain this was quite a hard  job as it was a dark stain. Once the top and leaves were sanded down it left a rough finish so i had to drop through the sand paper grits. Now it was starting to look smooth, so it needed to be sanded once more with an extra fine grit.
 The top and leaves were now a beautiful colour natural light Oak which is hoe Oak should look.

The table top and leaves were finished by giving them 4 coats of furniture lacquer in a satin finish and it enhanced the colour further.

The rest of the table was treated with a good wash down using krud Kutter. I allowed it all to dry then  sanded and then primed with a shellac based primer to stop any tannins from seeping out of the Oak. It was then painted twice in oil based eggshelled in a pale colour. The legs had a little bit of detail at the top end of them, so I decided to do a painted drag finish, using the same colour but adding some raw umber oil.

restoring an old oak table

Now the table looks nothing like it did before and totally modern. A once tired table was returned to the customer with a new lease of life. It also matched the kitchen units perfectly.

 This could not have been bought anywhere to match like it did. Just shows what a little hard work and paint can do.

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Hand painted kitchen and furniture

 Sep 08, 2013 by Rita

Jason and Matt have done a wonderful job in transforming my kitchen. Their attention to detail shows in the end result,admired by all who see it. Very professional in every aspect. They have also made a superb job of hand painting my antique bed and two much loved solid oak tables. Thank you. Would certainly recommend.

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