Specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire

Looking for a specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire has just got a lot easier. JS Decor have painted over 700 kitchens to date some very expensive and some not so.

Whether you’ve a wooden kitchen that is bespoke, pre-painted, high gloss or vinyl wrapped, every hand painted kitchen project by JS Decor specialist kitchen cabinet painters.  Starts with the very same level of preparation, care and attention, to deliver a flawless, showroom quality finish. Specialist kitchen cabinet painter Lancashire.

 specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire

Specialist kitchen cabinet painter  Cheshire

Preparation is key. We start by making sure all the kitchen worktops, appliances and surrounding floor areas are covered and protected throughout the project’s duration.

Once ready, every kitchen surface is then thoroughly cleaned to remove any build-up of dirt and grease, ready to be sanded with a dust-free extraction that prevents you coming home to a dusty household.

 specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire

This same level of attention to detail doesn’t just apply to the exterior kitchen cupboards and kitchen drawers. This also includes both sides of the doors, cabinets, end panels, cornice and plinths; making sure every corner of your beautiful new hand painted kitchen delivers the same striking impression.

All of the handles, hinges and fittings are also removed. Which are then refitted and rehung at the end of the project. The application of a market-leading high adhesion primer ensures your kitchen receives the best start to its new lease of life. Thus maintaining the integrity of the wood, to leave you with a professional finish.

 specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire

A beautiful hand painted kitchen cannot be rushed and the kitchen receives multiple coats of paint. Which is hand applied over the course of the following days. We lightly sand between each coats to maintain an exceptional finish. 

Durable and long lasting finish.  specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire

Yet your new kitchen must be as durable and long lasting as it is beautiful. To ensure it survives the test of time in this functional space. This is why JS Decor only the use the best material and techniques, developed over generations.

When your kitchen becomes more shabby than chic, a beautiful hand painted kitchen can take a tired space back to when it was first as new. Without the excessive price tag and hassle of installing a new, modern and expensive kitchen. For a fraction of the cost, whilst also eliminating the unnecessary hassle and stress of having your kitchen out of bounds for weeks on end. A hand painted kitchen project gives you the same beautiful and durable finish.

How long does the job take

Hand painting a kitchen can range between a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of your kitchen and the complexity. It doesn’t compare to the same disruption of having your entire kitchen replaced.

 specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire

The kitchen is the heart of the home and often the first room that many people visit when they arrive home or are entertaining guests. That is exactly why choosing JS Decor, to hand paint kitchen your kitchen makes sure every project is bespoke to you. So that we deliver your exact vision, tastes and needs. We work together with you to select the right paint colours, finish. We can even advise on and fit any new accessories, such a kitchen cupboard and kitchen drawer handles. This really brings your newly hand painted kitchen to life. specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire. specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire. specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire.  

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