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Hand painted kitchens Warrington Cheshire

Hand Painted kitchens Warrington Cheshire

Hand painted kitchens Warrington Cheshire. Hand Painted kitchens have never been so popular as they are today.

Choosing a professional kitchen painter, can be a minefield nowadays… there’s so many claiming to be specialists! If you are planning to paint your kitchen; it will probably be one of the biggest home décor decisions you will ever make… so let us help you get it right!  Firstly you need to get some colour inspiration. Your personal style matters so don’t be afraid to choose what you like. You can pick up a colour palette from your local paint store and see how well you can co-ordinate with the floors, furniture and curtain colours that you already have.

Most people have an idea of the basic colour scheme they want to use but it may be worth visiting a variety of home décor websites to find inspiration. (Pinterest is a good place to start) make notes and print photographs that outline your basic ideas. You can also get inspiration from the architectural style of your home – whether your home is a stately Tudor mansion a cosy cottage or bungalow, you can find the right colours to breathe new life into this all important room.

What can we offer you?

We’re here for you every step of the way; a personal service where we will help you create a space unique to you… keep it neutral or go bright and bold? We can help you decide and choose!

We like to think that we don’t just paint your kitchen, we hand craft it… thorough and meticulous preparation, careful application of primers and the final paint finish to make your kitchen look like its just come out of a showroom. We use traditional techniques combined with the very best tried and trusted specialist paint systems available. 

Hand painted kitchens Warrington Cheshire

We are considerate and respectful to your home throughout the work in progress… whatever size and style of kitchen you have, we will help you create a beautiful space in the heart of your home.

Hand Painted Kitchens Warrington Cheshire

The initial enquiry for this kitchen came in through our website. This was a kitchen that just needed an update and a colour change. Jayne sent some photos so I was able to quote it up from them and they were happy with the price so the job was booked in.

On seeing the kitchen for the first time it did need a couple of jobs, new drawer runners and removing the Georgian bars from the glazed doors. Having looked at colours School House White was chosen to compliment the room. The paint system we use is a highly durable eggshell/satin finish supplied direct by our specialist paint supplier and factory tested to one thousand scrubs!

Painting the kitchen

We start by removing all the doors & drawers after numbering everthing. Once this is done the worktops & floor are all fully protected. We then clean all the surfaces that are to be painted, this is the most important bit. Only when it is fully prepared can we apply the primer. The primer dries to the smoothest of finishes. This is a perfect base coat for the the top coats & when applied well, it will dry brushless. Here is another kitchen we did in Warrington.

Hand painted kitchens Warrington Cheshire

If you have a kitchen makeover project in the pipeline and would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us we will be more than happy to offer you the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Hand painted kitchens Warrington Cheshire

We are a proud member of HPKUK specialist kitchen & furniture painters.

kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

Looking for a kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire has just got a lot easier. We were contacted by Louise via our website blog kitchen cabinet painters Cheshire.

Louise wanted to change the look of her kitchen from a cream colour to something totally new. She had seen a  wallpaper that didn’t go that well with the cream units. Louise kindly sent photos of her kitchen so I was able to price it up accurately from them . I was invited round to talk further about the refurbishment. We talked about changing the tiles behind the range to a pale grey and maybe painting the island. We also looked at possible colours for the kitchen units that would look good. Once Louise had seen our painted sample board we were booked to do the work.

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kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

The kitchen had been factory sprayed originally, the island had been spray lacquered. This does not cause a problem as the primers we use are manufactured to stick to any surface providing the prep has been done thoroughly. We arrived on site to start and the colours were confirmed to us, Dimpse on the main units & Inchyra blue on the island. this colour combination was going to look fab. The first thing we do is remove all the doors & drawers, kick boards and note where everything goes. This is a must for when we put it all back together. The floors are all covered as well as worktops to ensure a clean environment. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

Now we can get on with the cleaning and all the prep needed to ensure our paint system sticks solid. As the frame is being done we are also doing the rest of the kitchen in the workshop. Over the next 10 days we clean, prep, and paint with the grip adhesive primers and hard wearing waterborne enamel paints. Only on the last day does it all come together with us refitting everything we removed in the first place. Then we stand back and admire the new & unrecognizable kitchen. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshirekitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire.

If you would like us to refurbish your kitchen or any furniture you can get in touch with us through this link.

We are also a co founder of hpkuk.uk, this is a invitation only group of specialist kitchen & furniture painters. 

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