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MFI Pine Kitchen Lancaster Now Hand Painted With A Flawless Finish

This article is about a 15yr old MFI Pine kitchen Lancaster now handpainted. It looks so much better for painting it. The beauty of hand painting your kitchen is it gives your kitchen a new look. Without the hefty price tag of replacing it. Providing your kitchen is in reasonable condition it should be good to refurbish. I was contacted in the first place by John, having seen our website he was suitably impressed and got in touch with a view of getting a price for his rather large MFI pine kitchen.

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A Pine Kitchen In Chorley & A Lot More

Pine kitchen Chorley: In this article I go through how we went about Hand painting a Pine kitchen in Chorley & a lot more furniture besides. I was contacted in the first instance by the homeowners. They had seen my website and were suitably impressed and may have seen this blog about a kitchen in Euxton.

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