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Painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancashire

Painted kitchen Longton Preston Lancashire. Painted kitchens have never been so popular than they are today. Compared to buying a new kitchen there is the cost saving as well as a new looking kitchen..

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Kitchen Cabinet Painters UK

JS Decor are professional  kitchen cabinet painters UK. We have been painting kitchens for more than 25 years and have painted more than 600 kitchens in that time. We are a co founder of the hpkuk  group which is now the place to find the very best independent kitchen and furniture painters.kitchen cabinet painters UK

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Kitchen Cabinet Painter Wilmslow Cheshire

Looking for a Kitchen cabinet painter Wilmslow Cheshire, JS Decor have been painting kitchens for over 20 years. In this time we have painted over 500 kitchens.

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Hand Painted Beech Kitchen Northwich Cheshire

This article is about a hand painted Beech kitchen Northwich Cheshire. I was contacted in the first place by Trevor who was looking to have his kitchen updated.

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Hand Painted Kitchen Specialist Preston Lancashire

Julie and Paul had been searching for a hand painted kitchen specialist Preston Lancashire. Looking on the web they found my website and had a good look through it.

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