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Kitchen cabinet Painting

kitchen cabinet painters Gloucestershire

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting , has never been so popular! Over the past years our home environments have become extremely important to our sense of well-being. People are wanting to be surrounded by beautiful objects that help cushion them from the harsh realities of the outside world. Many have come to appreciate as never before, William Morris’s adage: ‘Have nothing in your house, that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ Having your existing kitchen cabinets professionally painted is a great cost effective way to turn your kitchen into a beautiful space for relaxing and entertaining.

kitchen cabinet painting

The Craft Council’s recently published report, reveals that the UK’s passion for handmade objects has never been greater – 73 per cent of British adults bought craft in 2019, purchasing almost 25 million handcrafted objects, with almost a third (32 per cent) of today’s buyers being aged under 35. The pandemic seems to have accelerated pre-existing trends, such as the desire to make investment purchases rather than shopping for throwaway objects, an interest in sustainability and supporting small businesses, and the growth of e-commerce (internet shopping). (House & Garden Autumn Edit)

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Any internet search for a ‘Kitchen Cabinet Painters will open several doors for you! But would you know how to choose a professional, reliable company to carry out your kitchen cabinet painting? JS Decor brings together the most highly skilled kitchen cabinet painters so that clients throughout the North West can easily access the best craftsman for their project.

With our team of kitchen cabinet painting experts spanning all areas of the North West, you can easily find us & we will make your kitchen dream a reality, taking old, tired cabinets and furniture and transforming them into showroom quality pieces. Whether it’s a contemporary style or a timeless classic, you can rest assured that the JS Decor team will create a beautiful painted kitchen design that complements your home. 

Painting your existing kitchen

Painting tired existing kitchens is our speciality and by far the most popular! Whatever material it’s constructed with; Oak, Maple, Beech, Pine, Tulip-wood and MDF, Foil wrapped or Laminate, its most likely we can paint it and transform it into a masterpiece and something bespoke to you!

kitchen cabinet painting

The team have years of experience working on these types of projects. We all love to get creative in our passion with paint.

New Installations | Bare wood

If you have recently moved house and decided the kitchen layout isn’t for you and your deciding on replacing, then you have most likely come across companies that supply a variety of custom made, pre-sized units that are supplied without the paint finish. Handmadekitchens-Direct otherwise known as Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch are by far one of the most popular made-to-measure kitchen suppliers on-line. We receive an abundance of enquires from clients who have ordered one of these particular kitchens and require it to be painted. The end result can be quite amazing.

kitchen cabinet painting

This is a great example of a Hand Made Kitchen of Christchurch, painted by us in Southport. If you have recently ordered a bare wood kitchen or have a new installation planned, why not CONTACT US for a free on-line quotation. These kitchens are mainly constructed with a tulip wood frame and MDF panel, the internal carcasses are an oak faced ply which are oiled…

Bespoke Kitchens | Bespoke Painting

We paint some of the finest bespoke kitchens manufactured in the North West and installed throughout the region.

Kitchen cabinet painting

Besides one off custom built kitchens, like the one in the above picture, we have plied our craft skills to many of the most prestigious kitchen brands known. Clive Christian, Smallbone, Mark Wilkinson, Chalon, Tom Howley to name but a few of the classics…

Its all about adding the right ingredients… anyone can make a meal but not everyone can create the right dish. Carefully selected for their passion, creativity, commitment, reliability and sensibility.

With decades of expertise, combined with the best kitchen painting skills and techniques. Our kitchen cabinet painting team take every project from concept to completion to the highest of standards. Working with you to ensure that no detail of overlooked and that your finished painted kitchen is everything that you desired. Contact us here

Painted kitchens by JS Decor

This is a collection of painted kitchens by JS Decor.Here at JS Decor, we’ve hand painted hundreds of kitchens and interiors across the North West of England.Our expert craftsmanship can be found in contemporary homes and period properties across Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside, Manchester, Yorkshire, Cumbria and more.Whatever the size of your project, a beautiful hand painted kitchen is the perfect, cost effective alternative to bringing your kitchen back to showroom quality.Using the best hand painting techniques and materials, we transform tired kitchens at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement, whilst delivering the same beautiful, as new finish.All our clients save thousands of pounds by opting for a new hand painted kitchen that utilises your existing kitchen layout and eliminates the need for an expensive and often stressful kitchen replacement. We are the North West’s leading kitchen and furniture painting specialists. We’ve also developed a range of decorative hand painting craft skills that we apply to properties and heritage sites throughout the North West. We are a member of HPKUK.UK a trusted group of specialist kitchen painters in the UK.At JS Decor, we have saved our clients thousands of pounds on the cost of replacing a kitchen with one that’s brand you, not to mention the weeks of upheaval and unnecessary stress that a kitchen refit project brings.Your kitchen is the heart of the home, so if your current layout still works for you, then our beautiful hand painting kitchen techniques and expertise will breathe new life into a dated space for a fraction of the cost of replacing it for brand new. Take a look at our gallery via this click link. 
Painted kitchens by JS Decor
Painted kitchens by Js Decor
Painted kitchens by JS Decor
Painted kitchens by JS Decor
Painted kitchens by JS Decor
If your interested in having your kitchen totally transformed you can get InTouch via click this link 
kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

Looking for a kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire has just got a lot easier. We were contacted by Louise via our website blog kitchen cabinet painters Cheshire.

Louise wanted to change the look of her kitchen from a cream colour to something totally new. She had seen a  wallpaper that didn’t go that well with the cream units. Louise kindly sent photos of her kitchen so I was able to price it up accurately from them . I was invited round to talk further about the refurbishment. We talked about changing the tiles behind the range to a pale grey and maybe painting the island. We also looked at possible colours for the kitchen units that would look good. Once Louise had seen our painted sample board we were booked to do the work.

See our gallery

kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

The kitchen had been factory sprayed originally, the island had been spray lacquered. This does not cause a problem as the primers we use are manufactured to stick to any surface providing the prep has been done thoroughly. We arrived on site to start and the colours were confirmed to us, Dimpse on the main units & Inchyra blue on the island. this colour combination was going to look fab. The first thing we do is remove all the doors & drawers, kick boards and note where everything goes. This is a must for when we put it all back together. The floors are all covered as well as worktops to ensure a clean environment. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

Now we can get on with the cleaning and all the prep needed to ensure our paint system sticks solid. As the frame is being done we are also doing the rest of the kitchen in the workshop. Over the next 10 days we clean, prep, and paint with the grip adhesive primers and hard wearing waterborne enamel paints. Only on the last day does it all come together with us refitting everything we removed in the first place. Then we stand back and admire the new & unrecognizable kitchen. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshirekitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire. kitchen cabinet painter Great Sankey Warrington Cheshire.

If you would like us to refurbish your kitchen or any furniture you can get in touch with us through this link.

We are also a co founder of hpkuk.uk, this is a invitation only group of specialist kitchen & furniture painters. 

kitchen cabinet  painters Manchester

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Manchester

Looking for a kitchen cabinet  painters Manchester, JS Decor have been painting kitchens for over 25 years. In this time we have painted over 700 kitchens. We are also a co founder of hpkuk a group which has become the website to visit for anyone considering a kitchen revamp.

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