Upcycled Old Sideboard In Cheshire

Up Cycling furniture is a great way to rejuvenate old pieces of furniture too good to throw out

In this article I go through how I upcycled an old sideboard in Cheshire with Tikkurila furniture paint. This was an interesting piece of furniture that Jo Lloyd from Cheshire had in her possession for 25 plus years.

This piece of furniture was an unusual piece as it looked like the bottom half could of been in a shop maybe butchers, I’m not sure & the top a straight forward dresser. It looked a little care worn but still had a charm and needed updating. Not only that it was well travelled having moved several times. Up and down the country from home to another home. It had been admired at many a dinner party mainly due to its “unique look”.

Upcycled old sideboard
Sideboard in situ

Jo’s friends Miles & Michael also from Cheshire whom I had refurbished their dining table (see blog). Jo saw the table one day and was suitably impressed so much so decided to contact me to see if I could rejuvenate her old sideboard and give it an new look. Jo had asked a local painter if anything could be done with it, but the chap she asked seemed to talk her out of it.


So having emailed some pictures over I priced it up and give some ideas on what to do with it. With the cleaners that I use these days and high performance primers & top coats from Holman’s there’s not a lot that can’t be painted these days along with our expertise in furniture painting.  My quote was accepted and Jo booked me to do the job, next was to bring it to home where I could get to work on it. It looked big on the photo but when we picked it up it looked even bigger “omg” thankfully it split into two pieces, but at nearly 7 foot long it only just fit in the van.

Colours hadn’t been picked yet but Jo had an idea, she just wanted to mull it over for a while. Dorset Cream was the  chosen colour and this was mixed to an equivalent. The legs and top were to be finished in this colour but the worktop  was to be stripped back to wood. My brief was to keep its charm but still give it a modern look.


So down to the cleaning of it, using the favoured degreaser my water looked like a unappetising  brown soup. But the furniture was clean and needed to dry out. The top was quite badly soiled and stained. Using the power of the Mirka Ceros it whipped through it no problem. I’d planned to wax the top with an Antique pine wax as Jo did not want the new wood look. Once I’d took it back to clean wood I realised it was far too light and blonde! I would need to age it more.

Upcycled old sideboard
White spirit and linseed oil

Before varnishes and wood stains mainstream folks used to use Linseed oil mixed 50/50 with whit spirit. They then left it to dry and waxed. Knowing this I gave it a coat of the mixture and it came up a lovely colour. A rich colour just right for the wax to go on the top. 2 coats and allowing to dry before buffing up.
Down to the painting of it I used Tikkurila Isofix as the grip primer due to its ability to stick & stain killing properties. After that it was sanded down with  320 Goldflex then dusted & tacked off  before finishing with two coats of Tikkurila Helmi Matt for a eggshell finish. Upcycled old sideboard

Upcycled old sideboard
Now fully upcycled

After the painting.

Now all the painting was finished and the top waxed it was ready to go back home. So I bubble wrapped it and took back down the M6 to a waiting Jo. Thankfully she was thrilled to see it and loved it. All in all it was a fabulous piece to upcycle

and I hope it gets admired more and more thank you Jo for allowing me to refurb it for you. Thanks for taking the time to read this article & if you’re looking for someone to Upcycle any furniture or kitchen please get intouch. We are the first port of call and  cover Lancashire and Cheshire as well as Merseyside. 

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