Walnut Kitchen Now Hand Painted In Lancashire

Martin & Bernice had their Walnut kitchen now hand painted, this was  built for them years ago. It was very well made and showed small signs of wear & tear. The only down side of the kitchen itself was the colour, it was just too dark and needed to be lightened up.

At some point they had the worktops renewed for granite which had lovely warm tones to it, plus it  would’ve cost a fair bit and far to good to replace. A simple enough choice was to paint the kitchen cabinets  rather than replace with new. I was invited round to give costings and talk through colours that would ultimately lighten the space.

This was a fairly straight forward job except for the hinges, they were on the outer edge of the door. In addition to this they had a space that they kept wine in that needed to be improved. Having priced it all up I sent our cabinet maker round, Geoff had to take the old hinges off the doors then alter the frames slightly to accommodate the new kitchen cabinet hinges. He also made a new wine rack that would hold more bottles than before. With the job booked in we set to choosing the perfect colour which turned out to be Joa’s White a very nice colour that toned with the granite beautifully.

Walnut kitchen now hand painted
A very dark kitchen

First day on the job

As we removed the doors Geoff took them back to his workshop to drill the holes needed so the new hinges would work and hold them shut. The following day when he brought them back he positioned them in place ready to be fitted when we had finished painting the kitchen. The wine rack fitted into the space perfectly, already primed. The kitchen was no different to any we do these days, cleaned, degreased then sanded  just enough to Matt the surface.

It’s all dusted of then tacked down then finally wiped with meths to remove any last trace of contaminants. The primer we used was a shellac based one coloured to the top coats this helps our top coats to cover better. With it all primed all it needs is the lightest of de nibs then it’s ready for the two top coats of a very hard wearing waterborne enamel paint. This dries to the flattest finish and you would believe it has been sprayed.

Walnut kitchen now hand painted
Lighter and brighter
Walnut kitchen now hand painted
Kitchen seems bigger
Walnut kitchen now hand painted
Flawless Finish

With the kitchen now all finished we removed all protective coverings,then reinstated the kitchen. Wow this kitchen was a complete change from before. A lot lighter and it seemed to appear bigger than it was before. We enjoyed our time on this transformation as we do on all of them.  It was time to move on to our next project.

If your looking to have a kitchen or some furniture refurbished we are the first port of call. In Lancashire, Cheshire or Merseyside.

 Nov 12, 2015 by Martin Hesketh
Having decided to upgrade our Walnut kitchen rather than buying new. We contacted Jason after hearing about his work.We were not disappointed. Jason came round and advised us on which colour to use and showed us photos of work he had done.
We decided to go ahead and the finish was superb, although hand painted, you wouldn’t know.
Thanks to the two painters Matt and Matt, would recommend to anyone.

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